United Kingdom: education workers in solidarity with the Argentine people

On different occasions the education union University and College Union (UCU) of the United Kingdom has expressed solidarity with the demands of Argentine workers. On this occasion we reproduce a public statement critical of the adjustment policies carried out by President Javier Milei, against repression and educational defunding.

“Challenge Milei’s Agenda, Stand with Argentinian Workers”

“In line with Congress 2024 motion 30, UCU reiterates our support for Argentinian workers, educators and students campaigning against the Milei government’s neo-liberal and authoritarian policies.

UCU condemns the violent police operation that took place on 12 June against social, political and trade union organisations who were gathered in front of the National Congress to oppose the draft ‘Ley Bases’ law that was being debated in the Senate. We are very concerned that 33 people were detained and charged with several offences, including attacks on ‘constitutional order’ and ‘democratic life’. We urge the prosecutor to urgently drop the charges against the 33 detained for protesting on 12 June and that those still in prison are immediately released. It is alarming that the Argentinian authorities are openly calling for further repressive measures and discouraging the exercise of protest by reinforcing the notion that protesting should be criminalised.

Education workers and students are at the forefront of the current protest movement in Argentina and we stand in solidarity with the Federación Nacional de Docentes Universitarios (CONADU) and others in their defence of the public university system. In particular, we are very concerned about the recent cuts to university budgets in Argentina, including the specific defunding of the Universidad de Madres de Plaza de Mayo. We call on the Argentinian government to guarantee the normal functioning of the Universidad de Madres de Plaza de Mayo, respecting the rights that are legally and constitutionally enshrined in Argentina”.

2 July 2024

United Kingdom workers in defense of public education in Argentina.
Solidarity with the Argentine workers and the Palestinian people.