Brazil: Radical Left Block. Manifesto for a fighting, radical and grassroots PSOL

The first year of Bolsonaro’s government was marked by hard attacks against the population as a whole, by the withdrawal of workers’ rights, by a brutal increase in violence and authoritarianism – especially against the indigenous, black and poor population – by advancing the destruction of the environment and the Amazon. In conclusion, together with financial institutions, agribusiness, religious fundamentalism and other reactionary sectors of society, Bolsonaro aims to make the working class and the poorest sectors of society pay the bill of the country´s growing economic crisis.

Despite this scenario and the forecasts that blamed the people for not wanting to fight, struggles and confrontations with the government continue to take place. In the first semester an education tsunami took hundreds of thousands to the streets against Bolsonaro’s plans to privatize and attack public education. The streets were also taken in defense of the Amazon, for women´s rights on March 8 and for the June general strike against the pension reform of the bankers, the Bolsonaro government and the National Congress. It is important to highlight the participation in the general strike of sectors such as the workers of the São Paulo metro and the ABC metallurgists. The manifestations of native peoples in Brasilia deserve to be pointed out as well; the 15th Free Land Camp, held in April this year, with the slogan: “Indigenous Blood, not one more drop!” and the 1st March of Indigenous Women for the Demarcation of Land, Health Care and Education.

Unfortunately, these more general struggles did not intensify in the second half of the year, above all due to the role played by the main opposition parties, such as the regime’s left (PT / PCdoB), and by the major trade union centers such as the CUT / CTB, that acted systematically to empty the struggles. There are not few examples, such as not convening any agenda of unified struggles, or even directly betraying, like in the struggle against the privatization of the Post, Banking and Petroleum companies.

It is necessary to promote demonstrations, prepare new mass protests and build a general strike to defeat the government and its policies. To that end, we need to strengthen the mobilizations in progress. And, in line with this agenda of struggles, organize a strong mobilization for Bolsonaro / Mourão to step down.

The supposedly progressive governments of the Northeast, such as that of the PT of Bahia, instead of promoting the fight against Bolsonaro´s pension reform, closed a state pension reform. Camilo Santana (PT governor of Ceará) took all of 9 days to approve the destruction of the state workers’ retirement system. Exposed by the protests, he brutally repressed the protesters who took to the streets against the reform, using political violence as a management tool. In addition to that, the old practices of the traditional right that we always condemn were used. They presented packages of anti-workers measures at the end of the year, a difficult time for popular mobilization. Without breaking with the practices of its allies of the traditional right, the left wing of the political order (PT / PCdoB) meets the demands of local and foreign bankers and elites where it governs. The PCdoB governor of Maranhão defended the turning over of the Alcantara base to the US, abandoning a historic struggle of the Brazilian left against US imperialism.

The objective of the PT is not to defeat Bolsonaro, but to wear it down by 2022. Lula, recently released from prison, made it clear that he stands for Bolsonaro ending his term and that his plans to defeat him are limited to the electoral field.

The old class conciliation strategy cannot solve the people´s problems. We are suffering growing unemployment, hunger, violence, environmental destruction and the dismantling of public services such as health care and education. It is not possible to reconcile such antagonistic interests. The rebellions that occur throughout the world, where the masses confront austerity plans in their countries, teach us an important lesson: either we face the capitalist system or we suffer more misery as a working class.

If the PT strategy succeeds and occupies the central position of the country, that illusion of class conciliation will be undone again just like it did with Dilma´s election of 2014.

This disappointment with whom presented herself as a defender of workers´ interests was an important fuel for the growth of the right. That is why, in this scenario of barbarism and Bolsonaro’s government, a radical left alternative is needed. This absence favors authoritarian proposals.

Unfortunately, a part of the PSOL and the socialist left insists on trying to place Lula and the PT as a condition of leftist leaders. The PSOL needs to adopt a different policy, effectively standing against the regime to confront barbarism, in tune with the class struggle, linking the wave of revolutionary protests, uprisings and insurrections that cross the world.

The immediate task of socialists is to prepare the struggle against the cutting of rights and the attacks on workers, against the criminalization of those who fight and their organizations. We must defend democratic freedoms without forgetting their limitations in the capitalist system.

We must also strengthen feminist struggles and respect for sexual diversity; of indigenous and quilombola resistance in defense of their territories, the environment and life; of the entire Black population against the super exploitation that lives on, aggravated by the growing extermination of their youth; of people with disabilities and their particularities as subjects.

In the current context, the center of the political struggle has shifted, in an even more explicit way, from parliament to the streets. Therefore, socialists must fight all initiatives that seek to divert popular struggles and central opposition to the government toward the electoral field.

In defense of the interests of the working classes we must seek the broadest unity of action. But we cannot give up our political independence. That is, we must differentiate ourselves, whenever necessary, from the hesitant or traitorous sectors that hinder the development of the struggles, and always present our program.

We must not confuse unity of action with the construction of a political front / broad strategic front. The great challenge of the radical left remains to form an alternative programmatic pole to the traditional right and to the left-wing of the order (PT / PCdoB). This pole must have mass influence, place on the national agenda the defense of the “rights now” flag, the fight against the debt system and the capitalist system, which through popular intervention, from the bottom up, alters the direction the country moves in, as opposed to Bolsonaro´s economic ultra-liberalism and political authoritarianism.

The PT, the PCdoB and related are the “left-wing of the regime”. That means they do not have a commitment to the radical transformation of the system. More than that, they are obstacles to transformation. Therefore, they must be overcome in programmatic and political terms. This is evident when the past (the governments of Lula and Dilma) and the present (the current local governments of these parties) are taken into account. In that sense, the constitution of the Democratic Front – political front that grouped the PSOL, PCB PT, PCdoB and related – was a mistake. The conformation of the Opposition Block in the Chamber of Deputies (PT, PSB, PSOL and Rede) and the Democracy Observatory, sponsored by the Foundations of the PT, PSOL, PDT, PSB, PPL, PC do B and PROS were also mistakes.

On the contrary of continuing to embellish the PT or wanting to elevate Lula to the condition of “crack of the times” of the Brazilian left, we need to build another alternative that has as its starting point the interests of the workers that are committed to the construction of strikes like that of the RS teachers. That is willing to fight for the annulment of the reforms of all the governments of New Republic, which took away rights over the years. That confronts the financial system, immediately suspending the payment of the debt and initiating an audit with popular participation, from the military dictatorship to the present. A CLASSIST AND ANTI-CAPITALIST FRONT that is willing to build the daily struggle with a socialist perspective, of rupture and not of maintaining the order in power. A classist and anti-capitalist front that is in the struggles and builds a political and programmatic socialist alternative of the left, expressing a project of class independence. In the same way, in the 2020 elections, the PSOL must stand firm against the regime’s parties, not making agreements with those who applied fiscal austerity and negotiated with the heads of constituted power when they ruled.

Only this way can we overcome the extreme right, point to a real alternative to capitalist barbarism and build an alternative of political leadership to the “left of the regime”.

The difficulties are many. It will be necessary to overcome self-proclamation and sectarianism. This is a vital challenge. With the absence of an anti-systemic alternative, the likely disappointment with the Bolsonaro government will feed even more cruel solutions. Only an alternative like this will be able to present a socialist program, a true alternative for society. In addition, only in this way can we dispute both the “progressive electorate”, which from the beginning rejects Bolsonaro, and the sector of the working class that mistakenly voted for the ex captain but who is increasingly dissatisfied with the president, but disliked the PT.

It is with this perspective that we call on activists to build a political camp in the PSOL to take up the re-foundation of the party promoted and led by the Alliance and the organizations that make it up – Alternativa Popular, Insurgência, LSR , Primavera Socialista, Resistência, Subverta e Coletivo à Esquerda. It is urgent to build the unity of the socialist left around a radical alternative for Brazil.

We know that we are not the only ones that defend this political vision within the PSOL. To enrich the debate in the party and face the most strengthened congressional process, we understand that it is necessary to gather this dispersed militancy throughout the country, organized or not in small national or regional groups, or independent groups that have visions very close to those expressed in this document. Together we are much stronger. We invite you!



Douglas Diniz — PSOL National Executive
Danilo Bianchi — PSOL National Directorate
Joice Souza — PSOL National Directorate
Rana Agarriberri — PSOL National Directorate Substitute
Babá — Carioca PSOL City Councilor
Renato Cinco — Carioca PSOL City Councilor
Plinio de Arruda Sampaio Júnior — PSOL/SP
Marinalva Oliveira — Niterói PSOL Executive and ex. President of Andes National Union
Cássia Ceres — PSOL Belém Executive/PA — National Womens Section
Mariana Martins — PSOL Ecosocialist Section National Coordinator
Beto Bannwart — PSOL Ecosocialist Section State Coordinator/SP
Claudia Santana Martins — PSOL Ecosocialist Section State Coordinator/SP
Janaína De Assis Matos — PSOL/RJ, PSOL Anti-Fascist Section.
Liliana Maiques — Carioca PSOL Treasurer and PSOL Womens Section State Collective/RJ
Daniel Monteiro — PSOL/RJ
Sergio Granja — PSOL/RJ
Marisa Menezes Pinto — PSOL/RJ
Abdik Santos — Santarém PSOL Directive/PA
Alan Martins — PSOL Municipal Executive Embu das Artes/SP
Alexandre Lisboa — São Sebatião PSOL Leadership/SP, Sindserv leader
Alexandre Pacheco — Jacareí PSOL Municipal Directorate/SP
Ana Cristina da Silva Veras —PSOL Leadership/PI — Movimento da Saúde
Angelo Balbino — PSOL Regional Executive/DF
Bárbara Sinedno — Carioca PSOL Exacutive and SEPE Leadership/RJ.
Beto Vieira — Santo André PSOL Directorate
Bianca Damacena — PSOL Executive/RS
Bruno da Rosa — Gari and Carioca PSOL Directorate
Caio Sepúlveda — PSOL Directorate/RJ
Cícero Nogueira da Silva Neto — Areia Branca PSOL President/RN — Sindprevs leader
Cindy Ishida — PSOL Executive MG and DA-IGC UFMG
Cinthia Lima — PSOL Directorate Ananindeua PA
Davi Paulo de Souza Junior — Jacareí PSOL President/SP, Chemical Union of São José dos Campos e Região leadership/SP.
Demetrius Vicente Marcelino — Aparecide PSOL President/SP, Aparecida Municipal Union opposition
Denis Melo — Carioca PSOL Executive
Edivaldo de Paula — Belo Horizonte PSOL Executive MG
Edson Bomfim dos Santos — PSOL Vitória leader/ES — QRC militant
Emanuelly Nery — President of São José dos Campos PSOL Municipal Directorate /SP
Ester Cleane — PSOL Directorate RJ
Eziel Duarte — Belém PSOL Directorate PA
Francisco Jose da Silva — PSOL/PIleader, PSOL Teresina/PI
Gabriel Rodrigues — Lawyer, Ananindeua PSOL Directorate Substitute/PA.
Gesa Linhares Corrêa — PSOL State Directorate/RJ, Sepe Lagos director
Gilberto Silvério — São José dos Campos PSOL leadership/SP
Halley Cunha — Porteirinha PSOL leadership/MG.
Humberto da Silva Michaeli — Vassouras PSOL leadership/RJ
Iano Serrão — PSOL Executive/Ananindeua/PA
Ivana Fortunato — Niterói PSOL Directorate RJ
Ivo Ribeiro — Uberlândia PSOL Directorate MG
Jacirene — Baião PSOL leadership/PA and Baião Sub-Branch Coordinator
João Batista — Embu Guaçu PSOL Municipal President/SP
José Antônio (Toninho) — Baião PSOL leadership/PA and Sintepp de Baião Sub-Branch Coordinator/PA
José Luiz Primola — Nova Iguaçu PSOL President/RJ
Kerollem Waleska — Santarém PSOL Directorate PA
Léo Zanzi — Campos PSOL Executive RJ
Lucas de Andrade — Santa Maria PSOL Directorate RS
Manuel Iraola —PSOL State Leadership/SP
Marcello Bertollo — Niterói PSOL Directorate RJ
Mariana Borzino — Niterói PSOL Directorate RJ
Nancy de Oliveira Galvão — PSOL State Executive/SP
Natália Granato — PSOL Directorate MG
Natália Lucena — Uberlândia PSOL Executive MG
Reginaldo Reis — BaiãoPSOL Leadership/PA and Sintepp Baião Sub-Branch Coordinator/PA
Reinaldo — Embu Guaçu PSOL Treasurer/SP
Renato Leandro Vieira — São José dos Campos PSOL Leadership/SP
Rodrigo Martins — Taboão da Serra PSOL Municipal President/SP
Rosi Messias — PSOL Executive RJ
Rubens Teixeira — Belo Horizonte PSOL /MG, Minas Gerais PSOL State Leadership
Silaedson (Juninho) — PSOL Executive RJ
Silvia Leticia — Pará PSOL Executive/Belém SINTEPP General Coordinator and CSP-Conlutas National Executive Secretary
Simone Caixeiro Gonçalves da Silva — Nova Iguaçu PSOL leader/RJ
Sueli Alves — São Bernardo do Campo PSOL Directorate
Suzete Chaffin — Profesor, Jacareí PSOL Leadership/SP
Valdeburg Barros dos Santos — PSOL leader/PI, Movimento Camponês.
Vera Coimbra — Ananindeua PSOL Leadership/PA
Virgilio Moura — Lawyer, PSOL Leadership/PA
Wellington Luiz Cabral — São José dos Campos PSOL Leadership/SP, FETQUIM Executive
Zarah Trindade — Belém PSOL Leadership /PA.


Marcelo Batista — Profesor, Unidos Pra Lutar/AP
Messias Flexa — Profesor, Unidos Pra Lutar/Amapá

Jane Neves — PSOL Manaus-AM, Sintect Leadership


Evilásio Pereira — Sindprev Opposition/BA, PSOL Salvador/BA
Lídia de Jesus — FENASPS leader, PSOL Salvador/BA


Camila Inácio — Social Assistant, Combate, PSOL DF
Carlos Roberto dos Santos —FENASPS leader, PSOL/DF
Daneila Luiza — Profesor, Unidos pra Lutar/DF
Juliana de Freitas — Profesor, Unidos pra Lutar/DF
Laurizete Araujo Gusmão — Fenasps leader, PSOL/DF
Lucas Barbosa — Profesor, Unidos pra Lutar/DF

Dnery Maria Ribeiro — Sindprev leader/ES, PSOL Vitória/ES
Domingos Cordeiro França — Saúde militant, PSOL Serra/ES
Francisco dos Santos Filho — Sindprev Director/ES, PSOL Vila Velha/ES
Lujan Maria Bacelar de Miranda — Núcleo Capixaba da ACD Coordinator, PSOL Vitória/ES
Willian Aguiar Martins — Sindprev Director/ES e da FENASPS, PSOL Vila Velha/ES.

Matheus Pontes — PSOL/MT, Profesor, Unidos pra Lutar/MT

Suellen Cerqueira


Almir Pereira Coimbra — Sintpsprev leader/MG, PSOL Pavão
Andressa Rocha — Vamos à Luta PUC Minas
Aparecida Tomazio de P. Guimarães — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Belo Horizonte
Cleuza Maria Faustino do Nascimento — Sintsprev leader/MG e FENASPS, PSOL Juiz de Fora
Edilaine Souza — TAE UFMG, Combate MG
Fabiana da Silva Chrispim — PSOL Juiz de Fora/MG
Gabrielle Silva — CAHIS UFU, Vamos à Luta MG
Iara Suzana — Agente de Saúde — PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG.
Isadora Bueno — CAHIS UFU, Vamos à Luta MG
Julia Maria Vieira — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Belo Horizonte
Luciana Pontes Cunha — PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG
Luiz Fernando — PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG, Servidor Público Aposentado/Unidos Pra Lutar/MG
Maria Helena da Silva — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Curvelo/MG
Maria Helena Reis Silvino — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Juiz de Fora/MG
Maria Iraci — PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG, Industry Worker
Mirian dos Santos Barbosa — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Belo Horizonte
Naziel Kalil — Combate PSOL BH
Sandra Maria dos Santos — Sintsprev leader/MG, PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG
Wesley — PSOL Belo Horizonte/MG, Profesor/Unidos Pra Lutar/MG


Aguinaldo Barbosa — SINTSEP-PA
Ana Paula Rezende — Bank worker
Ana Pimentel — Student
Andréa Solimões — Profesor UFPA, Unidos Pra Lutar
Carlos Alberto — Profesor, SINTEPP BELÉM Finance Coordinator
Celso Cabral — CALT UFPA
Dulcideia Palheta — Profesor, ADUFRA Leadership
Eduardo Pimentel — SINTSEP-PA Executive
Eduardo Protazio — UNE Director (Left Opposition)
Eduardo Rodrigues — Student, PSOL Ananindeua/PA.
Emanuelle Braga — CAHIS UFPA
Gabriel Cunha — Profesor, LGBTS Movement
Gerson Lima — SINTSEP-PA General Coordinator
Joao Santiago — SINTSEP-PA
Laerte — SINTSEP-PA Executive
Luan Gonçalves — CAEEB UFPA
Marcelo Diniz — Profesor, Pará SINTEPP Regional Motropolitan Leadership
Marcio Amaral — CIPA Rodoviários Ananindeua
Marcos Solimões —  SINTSEP-PA Executive
Maria da Consolação — SINTSEP-PA
Maria das Dores — Municipal Worker Belém/PA
Maurício Matos — FENAMP National Leadership, Sinsempa Director and Movimento Xingu Vivo para Sempre
Miriam Sodré — Profesor, SINTEPP BELÉM General Secretary
Neide Solimões — SINTSEP-PA General Coordinator
Paulo Sérgio — Sintepp de Concórdia do Pará Sub-Branch Coordinator
Regina Brito — SINTSEP-PA State Coordinator
Rosa Oliveira — Profesor, Grupo Folclorico Iaça Leadership
Walmir Brito — SINTSEP-PA Executive
Wanessa Oliveira — CACSHV UFPA
Yukari Moreira — DCE UNIFESSPA


Antonio Caetano — Agricultural Workers Union, PSOL Maringa/PR
Ely Sturion — Sindprevs leader/PR, PSOL Londrina/PR
Hugo Ramirez Filho — Journalist — PSOL Londrina/PR
Jamila José Saab —Sindprevs leader/PR, Psol Londrina/PR
Ligia Maria Bacarin — PSOL Paraná
Lincoln Ramos e Silva — Sindprevs leader/PR, PSOL Londrina/PR
Marcelo Franzon — Assessoria Sindprevs/PR, PSOL Cascavel/PR
Marlene de Jesus Alves da Costa — PSOL Cascavel/PR
Moacir Lopes —Sindprevs leader/PR e FENASPS, PSOL Cascavel/PR
Osmar Batista —Sindprevs leader/PR, PSOL Maringa/PR
Romilda de Souza da Costa — Profesor Aposentada, PSOL Cascavel/PR
Ronaldo Rodrigues Cardoso — Profesor, PSOL Maringá/PR
Ruy João dos Santos — Sindprevs leader/PR, PSOL Londrina/PR
Sebastião Jose de Oliveira —Sindprevs leader/PR, PSOL Foz do Iguaçu/PR
Valter Alves da Costa — Social Security militant, PSOL Cascavel/PR

Verónica O’Kelly
Conceição Tiné
Fabiane Brasileiro
Dr. André Branquinho
Lucas Tiné


Carlos Fábio Lopes Bonfim — Sintetro militant/PI, PSOL Teresina/PI
Fredson Alves Saraiva — Sind.Serv.Téc.Adm. do Estado do Piauí, PSOL Teresina/PI
Maria de Jesus Oliveira da Silva — Movimento da Saúde, PSOL Teresina/PI


Adolpho Ferreira — SEPE leadership RJ
Alessandra Primo — SINTUFF
Angelo Cezar Jachelli Junior —Sepe General Coordinator/RJ, PSOL Nova Friburgo/RJ
Bernardo Thailania — SINTUFF
Bruno Melo — SEPE Regional V RJ General Coordinator
Carlos Abreu — SINTUFF
Charles Pimenta — PSOL Cabo Frio
Cirlene Coelho — SINTUFF
Clecia Vieira — SEPE Regional V RJ Leadership
Dejair Souza — Psol RJ
Doc Costa — PSOL Cabo Frio
Egeson Conceição Ignácio da Silva — Sindmetal Director/RJ, PSOL Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Gustavo Bueno — Psol RJ
Isabela Melegario — Psychology DA UFF RJ
Izabel Firmino — PSOL Niterói-RJ, Union Delegate Hospital Antônio Pedra (HUAP) SINTUFF/Niterói/Rio de Janeiro
Jacqueline Pinto — SEPE Maricá RJ
João Victor Porto — Grêmio C. E. João Pessoa RJ
Jorge Augusto — Núcleo Marinheiro João Cândido PSOL/RJ
Júlia Borges- APG-UENF RJ
Laís Sathler — Psychology DA UFF RJ
Lurdinha Lopes — Independente Psol RJ — Ocupação Manoel Congo — RJ
Marcos Antônio Perruso (Trog) — profesor da UFRRJ — Psol RJ
Maria Rita Souza Freire — Independente Psol RJ
Marize Vieira de Oliveira — Presidente da AIAM- Associação Indígena Aldeia Maracanã, PSOL Duque de Caxias/RJ
Pauline Ferreira da Silva — APG-UENF RJ
Pedro Rosa — SINTUFF
Prisicilla Correa — SEPE Regional V RJ Leadership
Renato Fagundes — PSOL São Bernardo do Campo/SP
Renato Reis — SEPE Costa do Sol RJ General Coordinator
Samantha Braz — PSOL Cabo Frio
Sandra Guizan — PSOL Niterói-RJ, SINTUFF Ledearship/RJ
Sergio Tadeu R. dos Santos — Sepe milintant/RJ, PSOL/RJ
Sidarta Landarini — Psol RJ
Valdenise Ribeiro — FASUBRA Director
Varvara Seabra — SEPE Niteroi RJ Leadership


Márcio Freitas de Paiva — Sindprevs leader/RN e da FENASPS, PSOL Mossoró/RN


Guido Lucero — CPERS 7º núcleo RS
Matheus Schneider — CPERS 39º núcleo RS


Adonias Neri — Combate Educação SP
Alex Fernandes — PSOL São Paulo Capital.
Alexandre Alves — PSOL SP
Alexandre Roldan — PSOL São Paulo Capital, São Paulo State Metro Union Leadership
Alexsandro Rodrigues — PSOL São Paulo
Amanda Beduschi Sterzo
Ana Cláudia Chagas — PSOL/SP
Ana Claudia Sanches Baptista
Ana Paula Pereira da Silva Coelho
André Luiz — PSOL SP
Andreia Shirakura
Andreia Silva — PSOL São Paulo
Antonio Soler — PSOL São Paulo
Arilton Soares
Bárbara Simonetti
Bruna Leonardo de Carvalho
Caio Dorsa — CIPA Linha Verde Metrô SP
Carla Aparecida Meireles Silva Bassani — PSOL São Paulo
Cris Kayros — Vamos à Luta UNICAMP SP
Cristiano Idaigoro Leite — PSOL Jacareí/SP, São José dos Campos e Região/São Paulo Chemical Union Leadership
Daniela Possebon — CIPA Linha Verde Metrô SP
Diego Vitello — SP Metro Union Director
Divani Fátima — Tesoureira Apeoesp Itapecerica da Serra — PSOL Embu das Artes/SP
Douglas de Magalhães Ferreira
Durvalina Soares Silva
Edgar Cândido Brites — PSOL Caraguatatuba/SP
Enrico Bigoto — USP Student — São Paulo
Estela Macedo Alves
Eugênia Zilioli — PSOL São Paulo.
Fabiana Araújo Silva
Fábio Rossini
Felipe Torres
Fernanda Lamesa
Fernanda Samea
Fernando Pereira da Silva — PSOL São Paulo
Gabriel Barreto — PSOL São Paulo
Giovanni de Almeida Telles — PSOL São José dos Campos/SP, São José dos Campos e Região/São Paulo Chemical Union Leadership
Isa Vallin
Ivânia Valim
José Aparecido Krichinak — PSOL São Paulo
José Roberto Silva — PSOL São Paulo
Julia longo
Julieta Lui — PSOL São Carlos, Coordenação da SubSede da Apeoesp São Carlos/SP
Junia Carvalho
Kalil Bentes — PSOL São Paulo Capital
Lorena Fernandes — Combate SP
Loreta Wenzel — PSOL São Paulo
Lucas Madureira — CIPA Linha Verde Metrô SP
Lucas Sá
Luciano Rosalia Mathias Filho — PSOL São Paulo
Ludmila Carvalho
Luiz Eduardo Sanches — PSOL Taubaté-SP, São José dos Campos e Região Chemical Union Leadership
Luiz Henrique de Barros — PSOL Taubaté/SP, São José dos Campos e Região Chemical Union Leadership
Maísa Nascimento — DCE UNIFESSPA
Manoel Sousa — Vamos à Luta UNICAMP SP
Márcia Nestardo
Marcos Sampaio — PSOL SP
Marcos Valério dos Santos — PSOL Caçapava/SP, São José dos Campos e Região Chemical Union Leadership/SP
Maria Augusta França — PSOL SP
Maria Luiza Zambom
Maria Renata Morales
Mariana Aron
Mariana Couto
Mariana Goldoni — PSOL São Paulo
Marino Mondek
Martin Camacho — PSOL São Paulo
Martin Castro — PSOL São Paulo
Mateus Pereira — Vamos à Luta Unicamp
Mauricio Santos — APEOESP State Director — PSOL Taboão da Serra/SP
Monica Arango — Journalist — PSOL SP
Moran Perez — USP Student — PSOL SP
Murilo Romão
Noemi Rossini
Patrícia Soares
Priscila Guedes — SP Metro Union Director
Rafaela Pitombo — PSOL São Paulo
Rafaella Alves
Reginaldo — PSOL Jacareí, Chemical Union Leadership
Renan Siqueira
Renato Assad — PSOL São Paulo
Ricardo José Ernesto Pereira
Rodolfo Antonio
Rosana Anunciada Alves
Rosi Santos PSOL- São Paulo
Sandra Pentristo — PSOL São Paulo
Sara Vieira — PSOL São Paulo
Sergio Brito —Apeoesp Itapecerica da Serra General Coordinator — PSOL Embu das Artes/SP
Severino Félix — PSOL São Paulo
Silvana dos Santos — São Paulo
Thaissa Soares Silva — PSOL São Paulo
Tiago Viana de Siqueira — SAP/SP
Timeni Andrade — PSOL São Paulo
Valdomiro Marques — PSOL São Paulo Capital, Fórum de Saúde Coordinator/SP
Vinicius dos Santos Xavier
Vitor Rago — PSOL São Paulo
Vitória Alves Notário — Student São Paulo

Luis Alberto — PSOL/TO, Economist, Unidos pra Lutar/TO