About us

The International Socialist League was founded in Barcelona at a conference held from May 24 to 26, 2019. Representatives of parties and organizations from Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Paraguay, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Turkey and Venezuela participated in the event. Greetings and support to the meeting was also sent from Ecuador, France, Iran and Pakistan, the latter and the comrades from Lebanon were unable to attend because they were not granted a visa. At this founding conference, we approved our program and the strategy that we defend to fight for the socialist revolution internationally, which you can find out at the following link.

> Our strategy for the socialist revolution

It is important to appreciate that, while many of the organizations that claim to be Trotskyist are going through processes of crisis, divisions and in some cases even dissolution, those of us who make up the International Socialist League are uniting to contribute to the most important task that lies ahead for the proletariat worldwide: building an international socialist and revolutionary leadership.

This contrast between the situation that different currents of Trotskyism are going through at the international level and our nascent organization, in which comrades who come from different traditions have agreed to promote a revolutionary project, is unprecedented.

In part because of this aspect, and also as a consequence of supporting militant and coherent action, one year after that founding event, the ISL has advanced in the development of its national sections and also in its international extension, deepening the political relationship with organizations and activists from over 30 countries on all five continents.

Undoubtedly, our current´s participation on the front lines of the rebellions and revolutions that cross the world since late 2019 meant a leap forward that continues to consolidate, with an in-depth analysis of the situation arising from the combination of the economic crisis with the coronavirus pandemic, militant and active international solidarity with the processes of the class struggle in each country, various international campaigns and even the realization of a successful International Conference of Young Socialists, account for the positive and growing dynamic of our organization.

An additional asset has been a method that is new in the context of the international left, betting on a methodology that allows for a balance of seeking consensus whenever possible and being able to resolve through a majority vote when necessary. We believe in a healthy democratic centralism, far removed from the bureaucratic practices that have marked the lives of other organizations, where discussion and debate is accompanied by permanent intervention in the class struggle.

The task that we have before us is exciting. We propose to go on the offensive to respond to the challenges of the current stage of the class struggle, intervening in the most dynamic struggles and processes and deploying all kinds of campaigns at the service of promoting the mobilization of workers, women and the youth; supporting our comrades against government repression and attacks and in building our national organizations.

In addition to this profuse activity in the international class struggle, we also take up the challenge of strengthening the training of our cadres by organizing events of debate, such as conferences, meetings and seminars, and the production of a weekly program that we have called International Panorama. Of course, we also strengthen the promotion of our ideas through this web page, the different social networks, our magazine Permanent Revolution and the different materials and means of dissemination of each of the ISL´s sections.

In this context, we continue preparing the first congress of our organization, which we had set for May 2020 and was postponed until the end of the year due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of continuing to advance in the construction of our current, establishing its statutes and the consolidation of an organic structure far superior to that which emerged just a year ago.

To learn more about our organization, here are all the documents from our founding conference.

Join in organizing with us, all over the world, the alternative that is needed to end capitalism and build a socialist society.