Unidad de la Izquierda

The FIT-U can aim high By Sergio García MST leadership / FIT-U National Coordination    The situation in the world, in our continent and in >> Read More

Venezuela: rechazamos tajantemente la sentencia contra Rodney Álvarez

By Marea Socialista The Maduro government has sentenced iron ore worker Rodney Álvarez to 15 years in prison, further demonstrating its profoundly anti-worker and reactionary >> Read More

By: Alessandro Fernandes and Verónica O’Kelly – Alternativa Socialista / PSOL – ISL / Brazil. On May 29 the streets became the stage of massive >> Read More

Elecciones en México: Retroceso de AMLO y Moreno

By Vicente Gaynor The “biggest” election in Mexico´s history was held on June 6. Midterm congressional elections were joined to the elections of 15 governors >> Read More

elecciones en perú

The teacher Pedro Castillo is winning the election against Keiko Fujimori, who represents the most disgusting right wing. All our support for the working people >> Read More

For a new unitary and democratic leadership, a plan of struggle and a program to defeat the genocidal and paramilitary government We are heading into >> Read More

Glauber Braga PSOL

Below we share the interview that the International Socialist League conducted with comrade Glauber Braga, Federal Deputy (legislator) for Rio de Janeiro and pre-presidential candidate >> Read More

Mapa Palestina Israel

On May 29, 2021, an interesting international discussion organized by our current was held. We share below a summary of the intervention by Alejandro Bodart, >> Read More

Permanent Revolution N⁰2

Pakistan: Ali Wazir released