Israel did not participate in the event held on November 27 in Barcelona. The forum upheld the “two-state” policy. Humanitarian criticism was combined with strategic >> Read More

We share below a statement written by activists of the Cuban Marxist opposition in response to the persecution and harassment suffered by Raymar Aguado Hernández. >> Read More

By Rubén Tzanoff The words and threats of Pedro Sánchez are not enough because it is a genocide, not a war, diplomatic ties with Israel >> Read More

In Madrid, Spain, the Sahrawis and solidarity activism once again won the streets for the freedom of Western Sahara. They criticized the government, its double-talk >> Read More

In the last few hours, a four-day truce was announced between the Israeli government and Hamas for the exchange of Israeli hostages in the hands >> Read More

Lies, pressure, criminal complaints Every criminal seeks to hide or justify his crime. Zionism is no exception. Throughout the world, it tries to silence any >> Read More

The victory of a far-right and genocide-denialist[i] candidate generated logical concerns among thousands of workers and young people. It is not without reason. The tenor >> Read More

The result of the runoff opens a new moment in Argentina. The first analysis we need is to explain why La Libertad Avanza’s (Freedom Advances) >> Read More


Permanent Revolution Issue 4

Pakistan: Ali Wazir released