International Panorama

International Panorama is an initiative of the International Socialist League to communicate socialist ideas, analysis and proposals in times of pandemic. This program, conducted by Alejandro Bodart, will address various issues of international current affairs and also reflect the opinions of the different organizations that are part of the ISL and other sister organizations around the world. We invite you to join the live broadcasts and also to see previously broadcast programs.

Friday, November 27 – New edition of Internacional Panorama with an in-depth interview from the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria, a report on the colonization and decolonization of Africa and reports on the mobilization and political crisis in Peru and Guatemala.

Friday, November 13 – New edition of Panorama Internacional with an interview with Ashley Smith, militant and socialist writer, member of the DSA and the Tempest collective. A very complete report from our comrade Alejandro Bodart on the history of the class struggle in the United States and its current situation and a call to join the campaign of support of the struggle in Western Sahara by comrade Chaia.

Friday, October 30 – New edition of Panorama Internacional with an interview on the political situation in Iran, reports of the elections in Bolivia and the referendum in Chile and a very complete report on the history and current situation of Peronism in Argentina.

Friday, October 16 – New edition of Panorama Internacional with an in-depth report on the Bolivarian Revolution by our comrade Alejandro Bodart, interviews with comrades from Marea Socialista of Venezuela, international news and much more.

Friday, October 9 – New edition of Internacional Panorama with an in depth report on the Cuban Revolution by Alejandro Bodart. An interview from Peru, an international newscast, a commemorative video on the anniversary of the Iraqi rebellion and more. Don´t miss it.

Friday, October 2 – New edition of International Panorama with a report on the conflict between Armenia and Azarbaijan, the global actions for the right to abortion and the defense of the environment. A report on the Bolivian Revolution of 1952 and an in-depth interview with Ashley Smith, a militant and socialist author from the United States, member of the DSA and the Tempest Collective.

Friday, September 25 – Interviews from Australia and Brazil. A report on the pandemic and a complete and in-depth report on the Spanish Civil War and its repercussions today. Don´t miss it.

Friday, September 11 – In-depth interviews from Turkey and Lebanon. A report on the pandemic and a complete report on the failure of the “peaceful path to socialism” in Chile, 50 years after the election of Allende and the Popular Unity. Don´t miss it.

Friday, September 4 – In-depth interview on the situation in Bolivia, the struggle of delivery and precarious workers and their call for an international strike on October 8. The debate on Messi’s contract in Barcrelona. 82 years since the foundation of the IV International. And more.

Friday, August 27 – News of the rebellion in Belarus, the campaign of solidarity with the Lebanese people and two excelent interviews with Joaquín Araneda of the Chilean Movimiento Anticapitalista, explaining the different policies for the October plebiscite in his country, and with Alejandro Bodart, coordinator of the ISL, on tactics, strategy and revolutionary theory. Also, continuing with the Leon Trotsky Series, a report from the period after the Russian Revolution, up to his assassination. Don´t miss it!

Friday, August 14 – Central report on the revolutionary process in Lebanon and the launch of the campaign of solidarity with the people of Beirut. An interview with Dr. Guillermo Pacagnini from Argentina, union leader of health professionals, on the situation of the pandemic in the world, the debate on vaccines and the situation of the workers’ vanguard in his country. A segment on the growing mobilization in Belarus and also the continuation of the Leon Trotsky Series 🚩 80 years since his assassination. Don´t miss it! ✊🏼

Friday, August 7 – 🌎 Interviews from France and Spain reflecting the “post-pandemic” in Europe. External debt. The conclusions of the Conference on Latin America and the US held by the FIT Unidad of Argentina and the launch of the campaign of solidarity with Lebanese workers. Don’t miss it ✊🏼

Friday, July 24 – Interview from Lebanon with Ali Hammoud, leader of the Movement for Change. Super complete report on Leon Trotsky in the series that we are carrying out 80 years after his assassination. Finally, we interview Imram Kamyana, leader of The Struggle of Pakistan . Do´t miss it.

Thursday, July 17 – Interview from Colombia with David Reyes, leader of Impulso Socialista, the ISL section in the country. We began the “León Trotsky” series with an interview with Martin Poliak of the MST political education commission. Super comprehensive report on China. Finally, in a new section, we invite you to ask questions or propose topics to address in future editions. Don’t miss it.

Thursday, July 10 – Interviews from Venezuela and Nicaragua. We also reviewed the situation in the United States and the perspectives of the rebellion. A report on the Sandinista Revolution of 1979 and an invitation to the rally the ISL will hold for the 80th anniversary of Trotsky´s assassination. As always, hosted by Alejandro Bodart. Don´t miss International Panorama.

Thursday, July 3 – We reviewed the situation in Palestine in face of the Zionist State of Israel´s annexion attempt. In an interview with Mariano Rosa, we discussed the conclusions and perspectives drawn from the successful ISL International Conference of Young Socialists. We also reviewed the actions of international solidarity against repression in Belarus. Finally, we had two important testimonies from the Sahrawi youth that is carrying out an enormous struggle for self-determination. Don´t miss it.

Thursday, June 4 – All about the rebellion in the United States. We had interesting interviews from the very center of the process: Khury Petersen Smith, anti-racist socialist activist from Boston and Luis Meiners, militant of the International Socialist League in New York. Also, an interesting interview from Brazil with anti-racist socialist activist Suzete Chaffin of Luta Socialista y Conlutas. Finally, a report of some of the workers’ struggles that cross Europe. Don´t miss it.

Thursday, May 28 – We reviewed the debates surrounding the process of wars, revolts and revolutions that crossed America in the 19th century; We traveled to France to review the lessons of May ’68 and we had an interesting conversation with Douglas Diniz, leader of Luta Socialista of Brasil. Don´t miss it!

Friday 5/22 – We went through the general situation regarding the pandemic and que criminal policies of governments that are pushing for a reopening. We also covered the situation in Brasil and debates on the left. In light of the 72nd aniversary of the foundation of the zionist state of Israel we ratified our commitment with the struggle of the palestinian people. Finally we interviewed comrades from Russia , Ukraine and Belarus. Don’t miss it!

Friday 5/15 – We made a special mention to nurses on their international day, reported on the international campaign for single national healthcare system, remembered the liberation of Berlin by the Red Army and the end of WWII, celebrated 18 years of Aporrea in Venezuela. And, on top of al that, we heard a very interesting interview with Mick Armstrong of Socialist Alternative Australia.

Thurday 05/07 – Interview from france and international situation

Thursday 04/30 – May Day Special Edition of “International Panorama”