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We reproduce the new flyer of the comrades of the Chilean Movimiento Anticapitalista. After 4 weeks of struggle, Piñera and all the traditional parties had >> Read More

The November 10 elections have not ended the political uncertainty. The rise of VOX is bad news. Profound changes are needed. On Sunday we voted >> Read More

The right-wing coalition that governs Chile is in crisis and its different wings creak. What’s new: Piñera accepts that the Constitution must be changed. The >> Read More

Chile thrills and stirs us. The ongoing social and political process is a Latin American and world peoples´ vendetta. We always believed in the accumulated >> Read More

Argentina and the defeat of Macri. Chile and the Piñera disaster. Bolivia and the coup. Bolsonaro questioned. New events bring the debate about progressivism to >> Read More

1. The resignation of President Evo Morales on November 10, hours after announcing that he would call new elections, consummates a coup of the oligarchic >> Read More

Lula’s imprisonment was an act of political proscription to prevent him from being elected president in the last elections. An antidemocratic act that we revolutionaries >> Read More

The rebellion continues. Self-organized assemblies and councils are multiplied throughout the country, discussing everything necessary. New social actors enter and the protest is continuous. A >> Read More

Permanent Revolution N⁰1

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