Interview with V.U. Arslan, Socialist Laborers Party (SEP) The Kurdish question has a long history of 150 years. Kurdistan was mainly a piece of land >> Read More

“The history of Pakistan is the story of the failure of capitalism to develop a backward country.” A brief history of Pakistan Pakistan was created >> Read More

The Peshawar High Court Bannu Bench granted bail to Ali Wazir today. The Member of the National Assembly and leader of the Pashtun Defense Movement >> Read More

Today is the September 12th, 39th anniversary of the military coup in 1980… Today, we can condemn Commander Kenan Evren, fascist, the US; we can >> Read More

Turkey is in a midst of the fire in recent days. On the one hand, the Ministry of Interior appoints trustees to the municipalities of >> Read More

From August 22 to 26 we participated together with Alejandro Bodart in the Sydney Socialism conference, organized by Socialist Alternative of Australia, and  also in >> Read More

The planet is extinguishing, so is our time Fires, floods, droughts, glacial melting, tsunamis. The earth screams before the indiscriminate looting of the extractivist corporations. >> Read More

The people are still standing. To achieve the freedom of the political prisoners and the Republic, we need new leaders. The Dyad of September 11 >> Read More

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Pakistan: Freedom to Ali Wazir and all political prisoners