Israel: every day more isolated

The “cease-fire” proposals are multiplying and Israel’s political isolation is increasing. The nuances of Western imperialism with the genocidaires do not question their strategic coincidences. The continuity of the solidarity mobilized with the Palestinian people is the only way to stop the Zionists and their colonialist ambitions.

By Rubén Tzanoff

More “cease-fire” statements

At the behest of a South African submission, the International Court of Justice had already ruled that “Israel has committed, is committing and risks continuing to commit genocidal acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza.” And the European Union has insisted on the need for a “lasting cease-fire in Gaza”. To these statements, which have been international political blows for the genocidaires, another blow has been added: the decision of the UN Security Council to approve the “demand for a cease-fire” during the month of Ramadan, to allow the distribution of humanitarian assistance for food distribution and care of the wounded.

UN Security Council meeting

Israel questioned even by its protectors

The approval was possible because US diplomacy, in an unprecedented decision, refrained from vetoing it, as it had done on three previous occasions and on another occasion the Russian-Chinese duo did. Although they used the term “demand” and not ” exigency” which would have referred to a more direct request to stop the Israeli military operation, it is another political blow for the Zionists, highlighted by the fact that it comes from the imperialism that protects and supports them. 

Genocidal folly

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the State of Israel have repeated that they have no intention of acquiescing to international demands. And so it is demonstrated by the facts, as the Palestinian civilian population continues to be the favorite target of the invading army that has caused more than 32,000 deaths, mostly children, and starved 1.1 million residents of Gaza. In addition, it continues to attack refugee camps and health care centers, as has happened for the fourth time in the Al Shifa hospital.

A Palestinian family fleeing South after a new attack on Al Shifa Hospital.
Desperate Palestinians trying to access food.

Nuances and differences that do not make the strategy.

American and European imperialism have criticized Israel for the threat of an attack on Rafah and for the absence of a solution other than the total occupation of Gaza. It is a fact that this implies further isolation of the direct aggressors. However, no expectations can be generated in Western imperialism, in its cynical expressions of “concern for civilian deaths and famine” nor in the miserable aid it sends to Gaza. Those responsible for the great slaughter and suffering of peoples all over the world have not become humanitarians; they are warning Israel that its “mistakes” could have grave consequences in the region, resulting in millions of refugees, chaos, instability and more widespread uprisings against Israel and its imperialist backers. The nuances between the imperialist masters and their gendarme for the Middle East are based on the basis of not separating one millimeter from the common strategic interest of sustaining the existence of the genocidal state of Israel, as has been the case for 75 years. 

Solidarity mobilization, the only path Beyond these considerations, it is the solidarity with Palestine that is sweeping the world what is most pressing on the powers that be. The mobilization of millions of people against genocide and ethnic cleansing is forcing governments to give a political response, even if it is in contradiction with their Israeli partners. The mobilized support for Palestine must not be stopped, nor must the campaign to boycott Israeli economic interests. It is necessary to demand that the governments stop sending arms to Israel, break off relations and trade. Revolutionary socialists call for the mobilized unity of the Arab peoples and the whole world in support of the heroic Palestinian resistance, on the road to a fundamental solution for the whole region, which can only come with the destruction of the State of Israel and the implementation of a single, secular, democratic, non-racist and socialist Palestine.