Anticapitalist Network is born

From May 2nd to 4th in Buenos Aires, delegations from different countries of Europe and Latin America, after discussing and reaching common conclusions on the world situation and the tasks that revolutionaries have set out, decided to set up a new coordination of groups and parties at international level: “Anti-capitalist Network”, in Spanish, “Anticapitalistas en Red”.

The week of the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth was tinged with militant internationalism. Several days of intense debates and exchange of ideas and proposals between comrades and colleagues from France, Spain, Belarus, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, gave form and content to this new international project.

Great coincidences on the revolutionary era in which we are immersed, and the contradictory stage which was opened in the 90’s, were a very solid base of departure. In a period in which revisionism and reformism have wreaked havoc on a large part of the Left, we have organized ourselves to continue fighting for the destruction of the capitalist system, and for socialism on a world scale.

The disappearance of Stalinism as a global apparatus and the unconditional submission to capitalism that we are witnessing on the part of all petty-bourgeois, bureaucratic, left-wing nationalist and “progressive” leaders ended the stage in which some of these non-revolutionary leaderships, under pressure, took anti-capitalist measures and capitalized on revolutionary triumphs.

In today’s world, only the mobilized working class, the construction of revolutionary parties with mass influence in our countries and the reconstruction of the IV International, can allow us to successfully confront the barbarism towards which capitalism is dragging us in its imperialist stage. These are our strategic objectives.

Despite the difficulties and confusions that persist in the consciousness of workers, we still believe that a socialist future is possible and, fundamentally, necessary. Therefore, those of us who are beginning to regroup today will put all our forces at the service of promoting mobilization, the self-organization of our class and the construction of revolutionary organizations together with the women who today are the protagonists of an international revolution, the youth and the working class.

Although we began to group based on programmatic and very solid principles, which at the same time separated us from some comrades with whom we shared a common space for many years, our project opposes the self-proclamation of other sectors of the left. We do not believe we are the owners of the truth or the only revolutionaries on the planet. Our proposal is at the service of uniting with many comrades who, organized or individually, fight around the world against the disasters caused by capitalism and for a better world. Nor will we leave the spaces of reorganization in which we participate and which we value.

We will continue to act in the main processes of the class struggle and in the new political phenomena that arise throughout the world because we are not sectarian and reject the idea that it is possible to build revolutionary parties with mass influence outside the real processes that develop in our countries. But we know how to differentiate what is a tactic from what our strategy has to be.

We discussed all this and much more in these important days of early May, 2018. In addition to the socializing of materials from this first meeting – which are available in Spanish, English and French in the “documents” section of this website- we will shortly elaborate a manifesto where we will explain our vision of the world and our proposals, as a contribution to the new generations that every day fight this rotten system as they can, and with whom we propose to quickly join.

Alejandro Bodart