Catalonia: The voice of the people in action

In the CUP L´H, an assembly-based political organization of a municipal level but with national reach, we are working closely with the comrades of Constituents por la Ruptura (CXR) -who arecurrently also participating in the CUP Poble Actiu (People in Action) L´H– SOL (Socialism and Liberty) and Nacion Andaluza PPCC (Andalusian Nation) for independent, socialist, environmentalist, territorially balanced, feminist and free from patriarchal forms of domination Catalan countries.

Our organization has always supported militant work in the active, transversal and open to social movements municipalism, because we understand that towns, cities and neighbourhoods are the first collective spaces where we belong and participate, to improve our living conditions as neighbours and workers. In the current context of censorship of rights and liberties, it is very important to maintain a connection between two fronts: the institutional fight and the struggle on the streets. Only by coordinating those two conflicts will we advance in the national construction of the Catalan Countries and a fair society.

This candidacy is in the middle of a process of tables of participation that will configure the final project in all its aspects, it is committed to working in assemblies, according to the local reality and connected with the rest of the local projects, putting together a national plan for the construction and national articulation of the Catalan Countries and their transformation, from a socialist, environmentalist, feminist and anti-racist perspective.

The current situation of our country is marked by the inability of the Parliament and the government to materialize the Republic that the people have already won on the streets and, at the same time, the coming of a new crisis that opens a new situation in Spain, where the parties of the ‘78 regime harden their speeches and proposals to strengthen the regime with repression, while a reformist proposal is taking shape to fortify the regime at the constitutional level.

A reality in which there are still political prisoners, exiled and thousands of people being investigated and with open causes, where the people are still mobilized. That’s why this candidacy advocates that only through the union of the mobilization and the people’s organization will we defend the political, economic and social rights of the majorities. If necessary, self-teaching our rights and practising disobedience to make possible a change of model of society, based on social justice, equality, solidarity and freedom. The municipal elections of May 26, 2019 are an opportunity for a radical change of model, understanding them as a new scenario in the confrontation between the Catalan people and the Spanish state, of the struggle between the desires of liberty and justice of the people and the regime of ‘78, designed to stop them. This is about another opportunity to continue building the people’s counter-power nationally.

For the CUP L´H, CXR, SOL and NA-PPCC, the people’s unity is the alliance of those who have spent decades suffering its neoliberal, patriarchal and autonomist policies. To create a global alternative to this domination we must strengthen and amplify to articulate the working class and the people of Catalonia. For us, the municipal work and the creation of structures of self-organization in neighbourhoods and municipalities, but also in a regional and national level, are essential and inseparable targets.

We invite you to adhere individually or as an organization!