Brazil: education tsunami towards a general strike

The education strike called on May 15 was historical. Brazil was taken over from north to south by protests against education budget cuts and for improvements in the public education system that sparked mobilizations towards a general strike on June 14.
With a broad unity of the working class, women, youth, students, retirees, trade unions and social organizations, the actions against the 30% cut in the federal education budget and contingency in the budget for basic education, 200 Brazilian cities had their streets occupied by more than 2 million outraged people who said clearly and forcefully that the country will not sit by idly while a proto-fascist government tries to apply a brutal austerity plan that will condemn the 99% to paying the price of the crisis of bankers, businessmen and the political caste that turn our national sovereignty into a bargaining chip.
While the streets were occupied, education minister Abraham Weintraub had to declare in the plenary of the Federal Chamber to explain the cuts and contingencies of the education budget that he and President Jair Bolsonaro are implementing. The obligatory summoning of the minister was approved by 307 votes, once again defeating the government, who reached only 82 votes against the obligatory presentation of Weintraub. In a government that does not respect the Clean Sheet law, designating Ricardo Salles as minister of Environment, condemned for administrative dishonesty, the education minister, forcefully summoned, could be sentenced for the same crime as Salles if he did not appear before the plenary audience of the House.
The preparatory tsunami of the general strike is storming the country with assemblies, debates and online discussions, and has a new date to occupy the streets. Summoned by the National Union of Students during the events, the Second Day in Defense of Education will take place on May 30 and the last major act of mobilization will be on June 14.
We believe in and bet on the protesting youth, women and dissidence as the vanguard of the struggle against the austerity plan imposed by the Bolsonaro-Military government. We invite all who want to organize and mobilize to build with us a true Socialist Alternative for Brazil.

The fight continues and we do not step back!
Towards the general strike!
Not one right less!