Pakistan: Ali Wazir released

The Peshawar High Court Bannu Bench granted bail to Ali Wazir today. The Member of the National Assembly and leader of the Pashtun Defense Movement and of our sister organization The Struggle, was arrested last May 26 after the bloody repression of a march that he and another MNA, Mohsin Dawar, led in Waziristan against abuses by the Pakistani military.

In spite of the protest of the parliamentary opposition, Wazir and Dawar were locked up and accused of terrorism, when it was them and their comrades who had been victims of a brutal repression of a peaceful demonstration.

The International Socialist League carried out an international campaign for the liberation of Ali Wazir from the very day of the repression and his arrest. We gathered thousands of signatures of union, political and social leaders and cultural personalities; we mobilized to the Pakistani embassies of various countries and developed a permanent campaign on social media that helped make this case known around the world.

The granted bail is an important achievement, and we must strengthen our solidarity campaign until Wazir and Dawar are completely acquitted of all the false charges they are accused of.