France: Pension reform – protests on September 24, 2019, another failure of the union bureaucracy!

The strategy of the CGT-FSU-SUD unions of calling for a unique inter-professional day of struggle on Septemebr 24 ended up in a complete failure: barely 150.000 people (as counted by the CGT) at the 170 organized mobilizations.

To put it simply: it is not about the failure of the workers, the youth and the pensioners, but about the divisionist policy of the union bureaucracies. Therefore, the tactic of 24 hour strikes dispersed in time and other “isolated measures” that actually demoralize, has been frustrated.

To make the government retreat, workers know that it is necessary to push together for the annulment of the Macron-Delevoye reform! That is precisely what the union leaderships refuse to demand, because they prioritize their “social dialogue” and “accompaniment”.

Undoubtedly, the working class will soon find the means to get rid of these obstacles. And faster then they believe.
This is the central content of the flyer that was handed out by the militants of La Commune and the International Socialist League in Paris