Chile: against the state of emergency, let’s move forward with self-organization and demand an effective national strike!

After a Friday of strong demonstrations that will go down in history for their radicalism and massiveness to face the excessive rise in public transport: occupations of subway stations, barricades and protests marked the dynamic of a day that overwhelmed the repressive forces. The government of Piñera, for its part, invoked the state of emergency, that is, taking the military out to the streets, restricting locomotion and assembly. The soldiers will act in virtue of the attributions that the state guarantees them against the mobilized people, like during the dictatorship.

Self-organization to face the state of emergency.

The social response was swift. Throughout Santiago – and infecting the rest of the country – the banging of pots and pans and the honking of horns can still be heard, while people gather in central points to demonstrate. Spontaneous protests that demonstrate the social strength that exists to stop repression and defeat the hikes. That path that opens during the repression is the one that we must continue to strengthen, generating open spaces for coordination, neighborhood, union and student assemblies to advance in self-organization without any representative of the political regime that has led us to this extreme crisis. Let us organize, deciding our forms of struggle to send the soldiers back to the barracks and stop the hikes. From below, let’s decide!

Toward an effective national strike with a great social mobilization

The accumulation of discontent that shows our potential in each corner of the Capital still does not find a positive response from the trade union centers and student federations, the Frente Amplio has so far limited itself to isolated statements. Given this situation, we demand a call for an effective national strike with a massive mobilization, repudiating the state of emergency and to stop the transport hike, a plan of struggle to achieve the democratic will expressed in the streets.

Camila Movimiento Anticapitalista

Chile, a new outbreak in Latin America

Days ago, our region was the protagonist of the rebellion that successfully stopped the IMF mandates in Ecuador, an example that showed that, against the precarious plans of the governments, the people rise and push back, a key event was the workers´ strike in line with the radicalism in the streets. Like Ecuador, Haiti also stands up and makes the president fear, demanding his resignation and the end of imperialist interference. Previously, it was Puerto Rico that overthrew its homophobic governor. Peru, for its part, experiences a profound crisis of its institutions, plagued by corruption. This Latin American context crosses the oceans and finds similar situations in Catalonia, whose people confront the Spanish State and its anti-democratic persecution measures.
Chile, in this context, is not an isolated case, but is part of a new continental and global situation in which the plans that directly threaten the working majority have intensified in a framework of crisis. It is against those plans that the peoples of the world rise up, and today our country registers a new rebellion.

It is in this situation that Movimiento Anticapitalista is disposed to thoroughly develop these proposals at the national level and in turn, together with our International Socialist League (LIS-ISL), coordinate the greatest active solidarity with the struggle of our people. Never again the military in the street, today the mobilized people have spoken. We must strengthen the protest with self-organization and demand a general strike.

Saturday, October 19

Movimiento Anticapitalista