International Statement: For a Single Public, Free and Universal Health Care System *

Our health, our Rights, not their profits and a privatized health care system that does not cover those most in need, nor our safety.

Next April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year, it comes in the midst of a global crisis accelerated and aggravated by the Coronavirus pandemic. This crisis punishes the working people of the world and highlights the consequences of austerity policies, reactionary structural reforms that suppress benefits, growing social inequality and the debacle of health care and other public services. Governments, beyond minor differences and peculiarities, are prioritizing capitalist profits over the people´s health.

Although the safety of health workers that are on the front line in the fight against the pandemic is a priority, we must point out the need to defend the rights of the entire working class and all exploited sectors.

Governments and employers talk about “prevention of accidents and diseases in the workplace,” but they undersupply elements of protection, undermine workers’ hygiene and safety commissions, monetize labor risk and make huge profits with workers´ lives and labor conditions through labor risk insurance companies.

Governments and employers claim to promote safe, healthy and dignified work but do nothing but institutionalize job insecurity and liquidate social wages. They hypocritically lament the increasing number of victims of labor accidents and diseases in conjunction with bureaucratic union leaders. But these are nothing more than the most grotesque expressions of capitalist decadence.

The pandemic, combined with the economic recession and austerity measures, will surely have more consequences for health workers and those branches considered essential or that maintain their labor during the pandemic. They will increase exposure to risk, job burnout, and post-traumatic stress. So will the agenda of demands and the program for the new struggles that have already begun to emerge and will intensify, in defense of public health and labor rights. And that we propose to steer toward emergency and substantial measures of a socialist nature.

The Crisis of Health Care Systems and Working Conditions

The pandemic has exposed the collapse of health care systems, exhausted by the capitalist logic of profit, privatization and austerity. It demonstrates the inability of the capitalist system to respond to the health and social-economic crisis. The bailouts are for banks and bisinesses, not for workers. The world looks perplexed at scenes that seemed buried in history books: bodies piled up in hospitals, abandoned in places or burned on public roads, and Coronavirus victims dying without artificial respirators.

Undoubtedly, the drastic reduction in health budgets promoted by capitalist financial organizations, the promotion of health fees policies and the privatization of health care benefits that have enlarged the private sector in detriment of the public sector, and the progressive reduction of public investment in science, technology and research, combine to place the population in a state of defenselessness. Without sanitary defense walls to defend it.

Governments have been failing to stop the pandemic. The emergency of the system´s crisis has forced many countries to take measures like budget injections, seizure of respirators, productive reconversions to manufacture health supplies and even the incorporation of the private sector by the state, albeit temporarily, as in Ireland. Proving that it is the capitalist logic that is failing and that the socialist measures we have been demanding are needed.

The health of health care workers requires special attention. Thousands of health care workers are infected and die due to the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is not inevitable. In addition to their previously existing working conditions of high risk exposure, the consequences of their location on the front line against the pandemic are added without the adequate equipment and without a global strengthening of the health care system.

In addition to the general epidemiological curve that attempts to show us a favorable evolution in many places, it is indisputable that infections among health care personnel are growing, drawing another alarming curve that affects those on the front lines.

That is why, the first demand to be raised this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, is for the PPE, time off for risk groups, and the corresponding diagnostic tests that health care workers´ demand. But this is insufficient unless steps are taken to move towards a single system, nationalizing the private sector.

Caring for Those who Take Care of Us and Moving Towards a Socialist Health Model

We promote the struggle of the working class and the peoples of the world for a program of emergency measures on the path toward socialist model to guarantee full rights for workers and a single health care system that guarantees universal, free and equal access.

  • Health budget based on non-payment of debts and a real tax on large fortunes, starting with banks and corporations. We must prioritize our health, not their profits.
  • Immediate hiring of the necessary health care personnel with an adequate salary and full labor rights.
  • Protection and safety equipment for all workers during the pandemic. Periodic diagnostic tests for the entire working class undertaking essential tasks, all health care personnel in first place. Time off for risk groups. Dissolution of risk insurance companies. Full coverage by the state.
  • National and regional Crisis Committees and in each establishment with workers and patients, for democratically planning the intervention against the pandemic.
  • Declare the entire productive structure of our countries of social utility to centralize, plan and reconvert all economic activity based on the social needs of the majority to supply necessities and response to the pandemic.
  • Unified Health Care System to centralize installed and personal capacity. Public production of medicines. Declaration of social utility of laboratories, pharmaceutical monopolies and the private sector´s installed capacity towards its nationalization and definitive incorporation into a single public system. Financing of the system from general income based on a progressive tax system.
  • Paid leave with full payment of wages to quarantined workers and prohibition of layoffs and suspensions. Subsidies for informal, self-employed and unemployed workers. Prohibition of evictions. Housing and food distribution for the homeless. End all persecution of migrants, no expulsion and full access to the health care system.
  • Bolsonaro and the denialist governments must go. They are criminals against their peoples. Fight for a way out of the pandemic in favor of the working people and for the health, life and rights of the majority; because they are worth more than all capitalist profits. There are two pandemics for the working peoples of the world: COVID19 and the system that exploits and oppresses us. There is no possible humanization of capitalism. We need a health care and life model of a socialist society with full, real democracy.

However, this statement and the date of April 28, are only a starting point, because we intend to multiply and extend a truly international campaign beyond this specific day. The international framework that we described above, the reality and agenda of the working class throughout the world, especially that of the health care sector, places the perspective of struggle and organization that we are proposing on the agenda.

* This declaration is the product of a collective debate between the International Socialist League, Luta Socialista of Brazil and social and labor organizations from diverse parts of the world.

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/ Sindicat dos trabalhadores da fiocruz (asfoc-sn) – Brésil / Organizzazione sindicati autonomi e di base ferrovie (orsa ferrovie) – Italie. / Union nationale des normaliens d’haïti (unnoh) – Haïti. / Confederazione unitaria di base scuola università ricerca (cub sur) – Italie. / Coordinamento autorganizzato trasporti (cat) – Italie. / Syndicat des travailleurs du rail – Confédération démocratique des travailleurs du mali (sytrail/cdtm) – mali. / Gida sanayii iþçileri sendikasi – devrimci iþçi sendikalari konfederasyonu (gida-iº/disk) – Turquie. / Syndicat national des travailleurs du petit train bleu/sa (sntptb) – Sénégal. / Sindicato dos trabalhadores de call center (stcc) – Portugal. / Sindicato unitario de Catalunya (su metro) – Catalogne. / Türkiye deri-iº sendikasi, tuzla et izmir (deri-iº tuzla et izmir) – Turquie. / l’autre syndicat, canton de vaud (l’autre syndicat) – Suisse / Centrale générale des services publics fgtb, ville de bruxelles (cgsp/fgtb bruxelles) – Belgique / Arbeitskreis internationalismus ig metall, berlin (ig metall berlin) – Allemagne / Ucu university and college union, university of liverpool (ucu liverpool) – angleterre. / Sindicato di base pavia (sdb pavia) – Italia. / United auto workers local 551 ford chicago (uaw ford chicago) – Etats-Unis. / Sindicato uno prodinsa, maipú – Chile. / Sa et téhéran e transport du travailleurs des syndicat (vahed) Banlieue / Industrial workers of the world – international solidarity commission (iww). transnationals information exchange germany (tie germany) – Allemagne. / Emancipation tendance intersyndicale (emancipation) – france. /globalization monitor (gm) – Hong Kong. / Courant syndicaliste révolutionnaire (csr) – France. frontefronte di lotta no austerity – Italie. / Solidarité socialiste avec les travailleurs en iran (ssti) – France. / Basis initiative solidarität (baso) – Allemagne. / Labournet germany – Allemagne. / Resistenza operaia – operai fiat-irisbus – Italie. / Workers solidarity action network (wsan) – Etats-Unis. / united voices of the world (uvw) – Grande-Bretagne. / Coordinamento nazionale unitario pensionati di oggi e di domani (conup) – Iitalie. – Alternativa Salud, ANCLA / Agrupación Bordó de Sanidad / Comisión Interna Hospital Italiano – ATSA / Guillermo Pacagnini, Secretario General de CICOP / Cesar Latorre, Delegado General del Hospital Italiano – ATSA / Alejandro Parlante, Delegado del Hospital de Emergencias de Rosario / Gastón Vacchiani, Secretario General UTS (Unión de Trabajadores de la Salud) Córdoba / Norma Lezana, Secretaria General Asociación Gremial de Profesionales y Técnicos del Hospital Garrahan / Daiana Cámera, Presidenta Centro de Estudiantes Escuela Superior de Enfermería Cecilia Grierson / Mariano Veiga, Secretario General Adjunto, Asociación Gremial Interdisciplinaria del Hospital Moyano (AGIHM) / Orlando Restivo, Presidente de CICOP Hospital Belgrano de San Martín y Directivo Provincial de CICOP / Jorge Pravettoni y David Scrivo, directivos CICOP Hospital Belgrano / Raúl Benavidez, Delegado General Adjunto, Hospital Interzonal Eva Perón. Pcia. Bs. As. (ATE) / Mirian Carusso, Secretaria Finanzas Seccional CICOP  Hospital Eva Perón San Martín y directiva provincial de CICOP / Raúl Laguna, médico y delegado Comisión Provincial de Residentes Bs As / Tamara Menignani, residente TS hospital Belgrano / Sofía Ahun, Secretaria Gremial de UTS / Alejandra Vaca, Secretaria de Género de UTS / Soledad Almada Secretaria Salud Laboral UTS / Gabriela García Tribunal de cuentas UTS / Victoria De María Comisión Directiva UTS / Roxana Szyszko, Hospital Narciso López Pcia. Bs. AS. Directiva de la CTA Autónoma de Lanús / Alicia Flores, delegada del Hospital Milstein (ex Francés) (ATE) / Maximiliano Bares, delegado del Hospital Aeronáutico (ATE) / María Lemos, delegada Instituto Cardiovascular Bueno Aires / Leonel Damián Luongo, Congresal ATSA / AGIHM Asociación Gremial Interdisciplinaria del Hospital Moyano / CICOP Seccional H. Belgrano San Martín / Com. Interna Hospital Italiano CABA / Carlos Barzani CICOP secc. Hospital Belgrano SM / Ricardo Zambrano, ex jefe Traumatología Htal. Santojanni y del Movimiento por un Hospital en Lugano / Yaria Luis, Taborda Daniel, Fernandez Román, Rivadeneira Gustavo, Corpus David, Taborda Liliana y Peñaloza Carlos Delegados SUTECBA Htal. Borda / Viviana Solá, delegada gral. ATE Htal. Alvear / Martín Chaile, delegado general ATE Hospital Udaondo / Ayala Antonia, delegada general ATE Hospital Aeronáutico Central y secretaria Actas CTA / / Eduardo Maturano, infectólogo, gremial Htal. Vicente Agüero (J. María, Córdoba) / Nicolás Debiosi, residente Psicología, Morón / Luna Suárez, instrumentadora Htal. Central San Isidro / Cristina Reinaldi, Clínica Ntra. Sra de la Merced, Martín Coronado / Mario Aguirre y Rosita del Valle Díaz, referentes Hospital Melo de Lanús / / Daniel Sotelo, psiquiatra Htal. Neuropsiquiátrico / Juan Pablo Viglione, neurólogo Nuevo Hospital San Antonio de Padua, Río Cuarto / Guillermo Medina, enfermero Universidad Río Cuarto / Mariana Villareal, enfermera Htal. Domingo Funes, Córdoba / Fernando Lemes, residente Hospital Dr. Teodoro Álvarez / Marcela Beatriz Euler, médica del Sistema de Ambulancias de San Luis / Luis Gamba, pediatra Hosp de Niños Sgo. del Estero / Claudia Santillán, Alfredo Juárez y Margarita Juárez, lic. Enfermería Hospital Regional Sgo. del Estero / Romero Camila, trabajadora Ministerio de Salud Entre Ríos / Red de Trabajadores / AGTSYP (Metrodelegados) / Julio Fuentes, dirigente ATE y presidente CLATE Conf. Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Trabajadores Estatales / / Lorena Almirón, secr. general ATE Rosario / / Daniel Mercado, delegado general Banco Nación casa central / / Daniel Juárez, sec. gral ATE Sgo. del Estero / Gustavo Coria, sec. Prensa ATE Sgo. Estero / Sandra Silvetti, secr. admin. ATE Rosario / Fabio Peñalva, secr. general ATE INDEC / Oscar Silva secr. gral. SIVARA Osvara / Griselda Gómez, directiva ATE Nacional / Raúl Díaz, secr. Org. ATE PAMI / Guillermo Ferreira, directivo SUTEBA Tigre / Andrea Lanzette, directiva CTA-A Lanús / Mario Muñoz y Ramón Farías, directivos ATE Nacional / Griselda Gómez, directiva ATE Córdoba / Claudio Elli, secr. Acción Política ATE Cap. / Nahuel Orellana, directivo CTA-A Lomas / Carlos López, sec. gral. OSVT-CTA / Villarreal Olga, secr. Formación Suteba Quilmes / Diana Thom, secr. Promoción Social SUTEBA Quilmes / Carlos López, secr. Prensa AGEC Córdoba / Martín Álvarez, secr. adm. SUTEP / Sebastián Stephan y Hugo Guzmán, directivos Secc. Capital y Suburbios UOMA (Molineros) / Edgardo Castro, delegado gral. ATE Subsecr. Trabajo CABA / Ingrid Urrutia, delegada general ATE INCAA / Raúl Llaneza, delegado gral. adj. ATE INDEC / / / Leonardo Rando Delegado de la Junta Interna de ATE Cultura / Maximiliano Bares, delegado ATE Iosfa / Maria I. Echazú Ribero Delegada ATE Univ. Defensa Nacional / Virginia González Ríos Delegada Electoral ATE / Roberto Mengelatte, delegado AFIP / H. Ricardo Bruno, delegado ATE CNEA / Emanuel Fernández, Adolfo Ortega, Martín Moreno, Analía Medina, Nadia Herrera y Maximiliano Lucero Delegados de La Virginia Rosario / Mario Valle Delegado Aceitero en Dreyfus / Fabián Britos, Claudio Mora y Julio César Duarte, delegados FATE SUTNA / Laura Chorolque Delegada SUTEBA San Isidro / Silvia Arce Delegada SUTEBA Vte. López / Margarita Genaver, ex delegada ANSES / Fernando Pasaron Delegado Gral. Aeropuertos 2000. APA / Jerónimo Rojas Delegado Télam. SIPREBA / Marta García Delegada Adjunta ATE Htal del Quemado / Virginia González Ríos ATE. Delegada Electoral CTA / Flavio Vidotto Delegado de Crónica / Martin Coccio delegado Crónica / Esteban Bidondo delegado Noticias Argentinas / Marcelo Iomi delegado y congresal Suteba / Silvia C. Santillán delegada suteba / Patricio Aromo delegado Linea 119 – Ex Expreso Lomas / Patricia Umpierrez delegada ATE Educación / Ramón Sánches delegado de UTS Gral San Roque / Mercedes Jerez delegada ATE Htal. Niños Córdoba / Nicolás Vetromile delegado gral. adj. ATE INCAA / Julia Ongaro Delegada Acción Social ATE INCAA / Juan Pérez, delegado Molinos Río de la Plata / María Isabel Echazu Ribero Delegada ATE Universidad de la Defensa Nacional / Ariel Arrieta delegado Suteba / Jose Villa y Alejandro Corso Com. Interna SIAT Tenaris / Sergio Aguirre Ex Comisión Interna ALBA Pacheco / Eduardo Zwick Delegado. SUOEM Córdoba / Martín Tomé delegado LAM Asoc. Arg. Aeronavegantes / Adolfo Fernández Congresal ATSA Rosario / Andrea Ramírez y Carolina Cáceres Congresales ALE Enfermería / Sebastián Garay Lista Gris SUTNA / Oscar Pacho Juárez y Zenón Sánchez Integrantes del Comité de Lucha en el segundo Villazo de 1975 / De Jesús Acosta Dirigente del Teresa Vive de Rosario Fernando Sacarelo coordinador de Jubilados de Izquierda en ANCLA / Saulo Dalmasso, Yolanda Senisse Carpio, Julia Reynoso, Jenny Jiménez Gonzáles Enfermerxs profesionales del HECA / Alejandra Vivas Trabajadora del HECA Coria Carlos Enfermero Htal. Borda / Mayra González, profesora / Norma Lavallen, Nancy Franco, Dante Ahumada, Marcela Leguizamón, Eva Franco, Mirta Solórzano, Unidad Sanitaria Moreno Sur, Secretaria Salud de Moreno / .Carlos Toledo ATE municipales. Moreno / / Marta Sosa Lic. Enfermería Htal. Municipal de Pediatría F. Falcón. Pilar / Víctor Taborda Jefe Mantención Trenes Argentinos / Mirta Fernández Lic. Enfermería / Erica Hahn Docente y ambientalista. Pilar / Jorge Laneri referente de Motorarg / Yolanda L. Doglioli / Claudia Martínez auxiliar de educación / Eduardo Dellafiore Trabajador Univ. Nac. Río Cuarto, Manuel Guzmán Trabajador de EPEC / Martin Sosa despedido de Minetti /Axel Tyrsen Trabajador de Rappi miembro de la Asamblea Nacional de Repartidores / Ricardo Antonio Maggio Trabajador de Centro de la Memoria / Amado García Agrupación de Jubilados por la Dignidad Norma Plá. / Lionel del Horno, delegado secundaria 6 Lanús, Alejandro Zarauza delegado secundaria 8 de Lanús, Maria Polizotto delegada secundaria 5 Lanús, Mónica Baez, delegada secundaria 55 de Lanús, Grisela Rubies delegada secundaria 6 Lanús, Liliana Mischoff delegada secundaria 3 de Lanús / Samanta Rojas delegada EP 41 de Lanús / Mónica Gil delegada secundaria 8 de Lanus / Mariana Aranda delegada secundaria 6 Lanús / Evelina Naveira delegada secundaria 6 de Lanus / Silvia Pucca delegada EP 55 / Pablo L. Bártoli / Marianela Gómez Delegada UEPC Cenma 19 / Stella Loyola Delegada UEPC IPET 70 / Lucia Carcedo Delegada UEPC Escuela Tránsito Cabanillas / Paula Cruceño Delegada UEPC IPET 313 / Lucas González Freytes Delegado UEPC IPEM 198 / María Marta Gianonni Delegada UEPC IPEM 204 ingeniero Alberto Emilio Lucchini / Gustavo Piazza, delegado UEPC en IPEM 191 / Gonzalo Ceballos Delegado UEPC IPEM 15 / Lucrecia Cocha Delegada Dtal. UEPC / Paola Navarro Delegada Departamental UEPC /. / Marianela Valdez. Docente de educación secundaria y superior. Delgada Agmer. / Gabriel Geist, delegado AGMER/ /Dante Klocker, docente / Cielo Kramer. Delegada de AGMER. / Christian Brutti. Delegado Agmer. / José R. Lemes, delegado petroquímico Unilever Gualeguaychú / / Silvina G. Roland Docente de Geografía- Técnica en Turismo / Sindicato Unificado de Trabajadores de la Educación de Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca (Suteba/CTA de los Trabajadores Bahia Blanca) / Asociación Gremial de Trabajadores del Subterráneo y Premetro, Buenos Aires (Subte/CTAC) / Corriente político social sindical 1° de mayo 7 Red de trabajadores /Lic. Marta Navarro Luna y Marcia Paola Villarreal, enfermeras, Hospital Centro de Salud, Tucumán / Fátima Gabriela Martín ( psicóloga)/ Luciana Vilte ( enfermera / Salvador Agliano (Secretario/ General de CTA Tucumán), Valeria Totonyi, periodista / Sebastiàn Sosa, Carolina Lizzarraga y Mariela Vera dirigentes de la Multisectorial de organización barrial de Aguilares, Tucumán / Blas Sanchez Ovadilla. abogado / Mayra Noel Salinas (psicologa) / Noelia Morales, Micaela Alborno, enfermeras y Natalia Acuña, CAPS, Tafí Viejo, Tucumán / Monica Barrera Lic. en Obstetricia, Hospital de Concepción / Claudio Burgos congresal UEJN / Comisión Interna Fábrica FELFORT, Sindicato de la Alimentación / Hilda Agueda, Secretaria de Actas Junta Interna ATE Min. Trabajo Pcia. Bs. As. / Carlos Ghioldi, Secretario gremial CTA de los Trabajadores y Comisión Gremial de “La Toma” / Hugo Jerez, Secretario Gremial, CTA Santa Cruz / Juan Pablo Casielo, Secretario Gremial de AMSAFE Rosario / Cristina Leal Lic. en enfermería. Presidenta de Jubilados  de la Plaza, Tucumán / Martinez Joao, APROSLAR, La Rioja / Agüero Rolando, APROSLAR, La Rioja / Gómez Enzo, Precarizados de la Salud, La Rioja / Gutiérrez Lorena, Hospital de la Madre y el Niño, La Rioja / Maldonado Javier, Hospital Enrique Vera Barros, La Rioja / Molina Nahuel, Hospital Enrique Vera Barros, La Rioja / Galleguillo Esperanza, Hospital Enrique Vera Barros, La Rioja / Pinto Brenda, Hospital Enrique Vera Barros, La Rioja / Mercedes Andrea Jesus Lopez, docente entre Ríos / Juliana Revelles, psicóloga de la residencia interdiscipinaria de salud mental de Entre Ríos /


    Union syndicale etudiante (use) – Belgique. / Anel – assembleia nacional de estudantes – livre – Sofía Vega Presidenta del Centro de Estudiantes Técnica 8 / Luna Badaracco, Consejera Directiva FCEDU UNER.Nicolás Zuttion, Consejero Directivo FCEDU UNER / Aitor Vuotto, Consejero Directivo Electo de FCEDU UNER / Indignades MST / / Fernanda Garramuño, vicepta. centro estud. Medicina UNCo / Juan Bari, vicepte. Centro de Estudiantes Humanidades UNCo / Juventud Socialista del MST –FIT Unidad / Inconciente Colectivo / Tesis XI / Alternativa Estudiantil / Rebelión Secundaria / La Marea / Indignados / La Célula / Revolución Universitaria / Nueva Izquierda Universitaria / Rebelión Terciario / Alternativa Universitaria