Belarus: For the Reinstatement of Worker and Activist Nikolai Volodko

The Belarusian Independent Union – BNP is campaigning for the reinstatement of worker Nikolai Volodko. He is a fighter for labor rights who was fired by an employer that expands international capital in the Republic of Belarus. The International Socialist League supports workers’ demand for the renewal of their contract and calls for signing their petition.

Nikolai Volodko was fired from his job as part of a project to build a mine in Belarus after he created a local union to protect workers´ rights. The project is being implemented by German company Redpath Deilmann, owned by the Canadian company Redpath Mining. Since May 2019, its employees have attempted to obtain certification of their jobs, which gives mining workers the right to additional benefits and guarantees. To protect their rights, workers created a local union with the support of the Belarusian Independent Union (BNP). The company responded with repression and refused to renew Nikolai Volodko’s contract. Therefore, since March 31 of this year, a highly qualified specialist has been out of a job at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Support the demand of BNP and IndustriALL to renew the contract of union activist Nikolai Volodko, the certification of jobs at Redpath Deilmann and the application of all measures of protection and safety at work in accordance with the requirements of Belarusian law.

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