Lebanon: Day of Student Rage

For a long period of time, the authority in Lebanon has been working to eliminate student struggle through the domestication of the future generation, which ensures the reproduction of the same existing system, starting with the first educational stages, through educational curricula that fit the nature of the system and an educational system that secures the creation of a generation trained in submission and submission through the indoctrination system, to create a generation that accepts the nature of the sectarian political system. This is the case even in the university stages by striking the National University academically, and so that the authority protects its interests in ensuring the continuation of its control over the university, it has fortified its presence through militias that prevent any revolutionary nucleus that may be created inside the university, and this is clearly crystallized in the university’s recent decision of the “pledge of humiliation”, for fear of graduating any Revolutionary political productive cadres working to change the existing economic pattern in the interest of the dependent bourgeoisie. And now even the interests of students in private universities belonging to the same class are also being hit through the dollarization of installments, as no one but the children of their class will be able to complete his educational career.

Therefore, today we must unite our efforts to defend our student interests against the political and economic ruling class, and to coalesce in order to continue our revolutionary path through the following slogans:

  • No dollarization of premiums in private universities.
  • Restoring democracy to the national university.
  • Reducing the budget of private schools and compensating them with the support of public schools and the National Academia Universitya.
  • Scientifically amending educational curricula.

Accordingly, we will participate on Saturday, December 19 of this year, on the Day of Student Rage, and we invite all students from all regions with high participation.

The place: Hamra, next to the Medina theater
Time: four o’clock in the afternoon

Student Movement for Change