The international rejections of Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél´s arrest grow

The arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél on February 16, accused of “terrorism” and “insulting the Crown” for some of his lyrics and tweets, unleashed a wave of repudiation in Catalonia, the rest of the Spanish State, and throughout the world. Here we share the signatures of the human rights organizations that make up the Memory, Truth and Justice Coalition of Argentina in solidarity with Hasél and in repudiation of this brutal attack on the most elementary democratic freedoms by the Spanish regime.

The signatories, human rights organizations and members of the Memory, Truth and Justice Coalition of Argentina, express oursolidarity with Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél, unjustly detained and condemned by s Spanish court, and we demand his immediate liberation.
To persecute and jail a popular artist under the excuse of “insulting the Crown” and “promoting terrorism not only constitutes a direct attack on freedom of speech and art, but also the arbitrariness of the undemocratic Spanish regime, inherited from Francoism.