Argentina: FIT Unidad rally in support of the Palestinian people

Acto del FIT Unidad en solidaridad con el pueblo palestino

On May 17, the Left Front Unity held a rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The left-wing figures Cele Fierro, Alejandro Bodart, Vilma Ripoll, Nicolás del Caño, Myriam Bregman, Solano, Pitrola, Giordano, among others, participated. At the event, the State of Israel and its brutal aggressions against Palestine were denounced, which have already caused over 200 deaths, including a large number of children. Participants therefore called on the continuation of street actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Cele Fierro, leader of the MST, opened the unitary rally and pointed out: “The policy of protecting this colonial state is not by chance, imperialism protects and supports it. The US, which grants millions of dollars year after year to strengthen the military apparatus of this truly colonial enclave that defends imperialist interests in the area and represses any uprising. This policy, with Trump at the helm, and which Biden has not modified, was the signing of the so-called “deal of the century” and the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. In our country, disagreements between traditional political expressions are over who is better positioned before the Middle Eastern gendarme, supporting its politics and replicating that they are defending themselves, responding to the attacks from the Gaza Strip, from that reactionary right we do not expect absolutely anything“.

In an attempt to denounce the violent situation that is being lived, the theory of the two demons is used. There is no confrontation, there is an extermination attempt by the Zionist state that has been resisted by the heroic Palestinian people. Fernández and the Frente de Todos in its ambiguity, which ends up ignoring the Palestinian cause, does so to maintain relations with Israel. Let’s not forget that on his first international trip, President Fernández visited Netanyahu. We demand that the Argentine state immediately break relations with the State of Israel.”

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Present at the rally, Alejandro Bodart, leader of the MST and coordinator of the International Socialist League (ISL), emphasized: “We repudiate this new aggression by the Zionist, Nazi, genocidal State of Israel against the Palestinian people. It has claimed more than 200 victims in these days, more than 40 children. We demand the dissolution of this state, the breaking of relations of our country with the genocidal state. And we continue to support the historic demand of the Palestinian resistance: a single, secular, non-racist, free state in the historic territories. We are convinced that sooner rather than later, we will achieve it, contributing to the rebellion and the revolution that is growing day by day throughout the region. Our commitment is to continue supporting the Palestinian cause until a Federation of Socialist Republics throughout the region allows this people to be free.”

The Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank lives in an actual open-air prison, with a permanent blockade by the State of Israel. In this state, there are already more than 6,000 thousand political prisoners, 350 of them are children. They suffer systematic torture and are subjected to trials in Hebrew, with military courts, without the right to defense. In addition to suffering the confiscation of their lands, the demolition of their homes, the theft of their properties, the separation of their families, the walling off of their communities, permanent harassment, mistreatment and persecution. A condition of true inhumanity.

Cele Fierro, Nicolás del Caño, Gabriel Solano and Giordano spoke at the event. And at the end, a significant column of protesters marched to the Obelisco, making the strength of this claim felt.