Argentina: massive mobilization against the agreement with the IMF and the payment of the foreign debt

Against the government’s agreement with the IMF, the MST (the Argentine section of the ISL) in the Left Front Unity and more than 200 organizations again packed the Plaza de Mayo with thousands and thousands of demonstrators. The slogan “No to the government’s agreement with the IMF, no to the payment of the external debt scam,” led the call that was replicated in more than 30 cities in the interior of the country. Public figures of the Left Front Unity were present on this important day, and there was also a strong presence of trade union, social, human rights and environmental organizations, and other political and social sectors that oppose the agreement with the IMF.

From the unitary head of the march, Cele Fierro, leader of the MST – FIT Unity, declared: “Once again, from the Left Front Unity and more than 200 popular organizations we filled the streets and the Plaza de Mayo in rejection of the agreement with the IMF. This enormous mobilization shows that the youth and the workers are clear about the disastrous consequences of the submission that this agreement means, which brings us more austerity, precariousness and extractivism. There is different path in favor of the great majorities and it is the one we are defending today in the streets: breaking with the IMF and using those millions to solve the country’s social problems.”

“Today’s mobilization is a clear demonstration that there is sufficient social force to break with the IMF and not pay for this fraud. And to the leaders of the Front of All who criticize the agreement we say: move from words to deeds, do not vote for it and mobilize to defeat it. It is necessary to redouble the mobilization and with the broadest unity. We call on all those who voted for the government against Macri, who today are disillusioned because Alberto is paying for this scam, to be part of a plan to fight against the agreement. This struggle continues: from the Left Front Unity we are already preparing a new and massive mobilization in front of Congress when the agreement will be treated, and a campaign of denunciation throughout the country against this robbery,” concluded Cele Fierro.