March 5: International Conference of Socialist Women

A new March 8, International Working Woman’s Day, is a few days away. On that day, the streets across the world will be flooded by women’s and LGBT, because M8 is a day of struggle.

The various sections of the ISL will participate, raising the demands of working class, employed and unemployed, of the youth who fight to defend our rights and and gain those still pending. Along each demand, we will raise “Working women: for equality and socialism.”

In order to socialize, analyze our current situation and evaluate how to continue the struggles that lay before us, we will hold an online conference on March 5, in which women comrades from each continent will participate, and we will finish definí g our participation in the March 8 actions.

The new wave of progressive struggles for gender rights that has spread across the world since 2015, with its highs and lows in the intensity and unevenness between countries and continents, is still present in our every day life.

It is fundamental to learn from first hand accounts of each comrade how the pandemic affected us. This situation of social, economic and health crisis also placed women on the front lines. Because we are a majority of the health care personnel, and we led important struggles for wages and labor rights. The pandemic depended the inequalities produced by the capitalist system: increased poverty, higher unemployment, labor precarity that ultimately affects women and LGBT people disproportionately.

To have a strong response for this situation is, we need the coordination and organization of the revolutionary socialists of all the world. The struggle for our gender rights must be linked to the struggle for our rights as workers. A struggle against the various governments that go against our rights, and the task of raising a different solution, in favor of the majorities, of the working people. And for this objective, being active in the building of the revolutionary party that will go all the way against this capitalist system, father of all the violence that women, LGBT people and all workers suffer.

Resolution on gender and campaign for March 8, 2022