Brazil: To the streets to defend our conquests and rights! Statement of the Liaison Committee Socialist Alternative – PSOL and Luta Socialista – PSOL. ISL, Brazil

Bolsonaro and a minority group of his extreme right-wing gang is blocking the highways. The PRF follows militia orders and refuses to lift the blockades. The STF ministers give in to pressure and do not act. The institutions of this democracy of the rich show their limitations even for the most basic matter, which is to respect the result of an election.

The working class and the poor people can only rely on their capacity of struggle and organization to defend their rights and conquests.

The unblocking must be immediate so that food, medicines and other basic and necessary supplies reach the cities and the population, no anti-democratic and fascist action must be tolerated and the way of mobilization of the working class must be the priority. We must unblock the streets and recover them to be the scene of the mobilization of the working people.

We cannot wait for the institutions of the bourgeois state to take measures to unblock the roads and avenues. A firm stance is necessary, the trade union centrals, the social movements and the working class parties must mobilize immediately and take to the streets. It is evident that Bolsonaro and his horde of anti-democratic fanatics want to sabotage the electoral result and more evident the mistake of diverting the direct struggle to the electoral process. That is why we cannot wait. It is necessary to call the working class to the streets to defeat Bolsonarism, it is Out Bolsonaro putschist, now!

São Paulo, 2 de novembro de 2022

Liaison Committee: Alternativa Socialista e Luta Socialista – tendências internas do PSOL

International Socialist League (ISL)