Brazil: The Bolsonarist coup plotters fail in Brasilia

Total repudiation of the International Socialist League (ISL) to the reactionary and coup plotting mobilization of Bolsonarism. We share the statement of our comrades from #Brazil

This Sunday, January 1, Bolsonarists invaded the buildings of the National Congress, the Federal Superior Court and the Planalto Palace. This act of coup had the connivance of Federal District governor Ibaneis Rocha and his security secretary Anderson Torres.

The demonstration, announced a day after the inauguration of President Lula, was also ignored by the federal government and all the institutions of the regime that have as of yet not done anything concrete to put an end to the fascist encampments that still exist in most of states.

The leaderships of the mass movement in our country have been slow to call on the workers and poor peoples of Brazil to demonstrate in the streets and put an end once and for all to the absurd fascist actions that threaten the democratic freedoms that have been hard won with the struggle of the Brazilian people.

It is necessary to punish the Bolsonarist fascist businessmen, representatives of agribusiness, miners, loggers, invaders of indigenous lands who have been financing coup actions for months at the request of the former President. We demand that those responsible be identified, punished and their properties confiscated. We will not accept any amnesty from the Brazilian State for the crimes committed. Prison for Bolsonaro, Ibaneis and Anderson Torres.

It is necessary for the sovereign will of the people who elected Lula President to be respected and all those responsible for the terrorist acts of the extreme right be arrested and tried.

It is urgent for the CUT, CTB, UNE, UBES, MST, MTST and national entities, from the left and other social movements, to provide a show of force in the streets calling for a day of national demonstration.

The total confidence in the institutions of the regime that colluded with fascism is an illusion. It is necessary to defend democratic gains with the only force capable of doing so, mobilization.

São Paulo, January 8, 2023

Liaison Committee: Luta Socialista/Alternativa Socialista/ISL