Campaign for the release of imprisoned Belarusian workers

Solidarity continues to be expressed in different countries. The working class is one and has no borders.

On April 19, a picket was held in Berlin, Germany, to demand the release of Belarusian political prisoners and an end to the repression carried out by Lukashenko and his authoritarian regime. It was convened by the “Salidarnast” Association made up of Belarusian workers in exile.

Conference in Tbilisi

Driving the campaign forward, Maksim Paznyakou, Acting President of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BCDT) and Lizaveta Merliak (“Salidarnast”) participated in the LabourStart Global Solidarity Conference held in Tbilisi, Georgia under the slogan “Trade Union Internationalism Today.” In one of the sections, the topic “Struggle for trade union rights in Belarus” was addressed.

Participants of the Tiblisi Conference.

May 1, day of struggle

On International Workers’ Day, the demands for freedom were expressed in different rallies that, at the same time, repudiated the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Among them those held in Paris (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany).

Union leader Aliaksandr Yarashuk’s demand for freedom in París.
“Salidarnast” activists participating in the Bremen demonstration.

Solidarity of the ISL

After participating in the picket at Brandenburg Gate, the International Socialist League (ISL) has sent greetings to the May Day event in Bremen and promoted more pronouncements in the labor movement. Comrade Alexandre Fernandes, from the leadership of the Metroviários Union of São Paulo, spoke at an event on behalf of “United to fight and the revolution,” ISL in Brazil. Holding a banner for freedom in front of him, he said: “Workers are being persecuted, trade unionists are being killed by the country’s dictatorial government. At this moment we ask for all the solidarity with the Belarusian people and the trade unionists.”

In Argentina, leaders and activists of the Agrupación Nacional Clasista Antiburocrática (ANCLA – MST Union Organization) also expressed their support.

Sign the petition

The “Trade union activity is not extremism” campaign continues with actions, pronouncements on social networks with the hashtags #Salidarnast #BelarusSolidarityCampaign #BKDP and a petition promoted by LabourStart, that can be signed at the following link: Belarus: Trade union activity is not extremism! (