Argentina: Alejandro Bodart announced his pre-candidacy for governor of the province of Buenos Aires for the FIT-Unity

On Wednesday May 10, from the city of La Plata, the leader of the MST – FIT Unity, Alejandro Bodart, announced his provincial pre-candidacy. In that sense, Bodart stated: “Today I announced my pre-candidacy as governor of Buenos Aires, together with Cele Fierro, pre-candidate for the presidency for the MST in the Left Front Unity, joined by elected representatives Vilma Ripoll, Guillermo Pacagnini, Andrea Lanzette, councilors of the FIT Unity of several districts and local activists. The ideal would be holding an assembly in each province and a national conference to determine the candidates for president, the policies and above all the profile of the FIT Unity. In case there is no agreement, the PASO are an option. In that sense, we are in talks with the Workers’ Party and the other forces of the Front because we want to invite the social and leftist activism to feel a part of and give us the strength to face what is to come.”

Bodart added: “We need a left that stands steadfastly in the face of the false progressiveness of the Kiciloff or Cristina, who appoint Massa to implement austerity measures with the IMF and even propose him as a candidate. All proposals are right-wing, the ones raised by the PJ, Juntos or the far-right of Milei. They propose more austerity to comply with the IMF and guarantee profits for the rich. This country is thus headed towards a social outburst. That is why we need to strengthen the left for what is to come. My candidacy is at the service of the unity of the FITU, to kick the board since the only ones who don’t give in in the face of the right and the false progressivism are the leftists.”

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