21O: Actions for the liberation of George Abdullah

On 21O, a call to action in front of French embassies

George Abdullah Liberation Campaign

  • Thirty-nine years in French prisons and under Zionist-American pressure for his support of the struggle of the Palestinian people. George Ibrahim Abdullah, a resistance fighter against occupation, colonialism and reactionary regimes, and for the right of peoples to self-determination. He raised the right to solidarity of people against colonialism. That’s why he wanted to fight the enemy everywhere and from everywhere.
  • For 39 years the Lebanese State has been complicit, abandoning its role and bowing its head to France, while all the voices and movements demanding the freedom of Georges Abdallah came from the streets. Although George has been eligible for parole since 1999, the French state, under pressure from the US, still refuses to release him. George submitted several requests for his release, but in light of the continued failure of the Lebanese state they were all rejected.
  • At the beginning of 2022, together with human rights organizations, the International Socialist League (ISL) promoted a solidarity campaign of dissemination on social networks, statements and demonstrations in several countries around the world. Today we launch a new pressure campaign against France and call for launching movements on a legal, media and street levels, starting in Lebanon, the country where George Abdullah grew up.
  • In addition to the annual demonstration in the French city of Toulouse next October 21, the date of a new trial, we call to organize actions in front of French embassies in as many countries as possible. Georges and the other prisoners will only be released with international solidarity and popular struggle against the interests of France.