Haiti: we repudiate the UN endorsement of foreign intervention and we stand in solidarity with the people and their right to self-determination 

The people of Haiti have been going through a profound political, social and health crisis for years, which has deepened in recent months. The coup installed government of Ariel Henry, supported by US imperialism and sustained by gangs and armed groups, seeks support from the international community to definitively defeat and drown in blood the struggle to give this crisis a sovereign solution at the service of the popular majorities.

The recent resolution of the UN Security Council, endorsing and legalizing a military intervention led by the Kenyan armed forces and financed by the US, is nothing more than a response to that request from the dictatorial government of Henry, in seeking to consolidate imperialist dominance in the region and deepen looting and predation. The abstention of China and Russia in the organization, facilitating the intervention, also incorporates their indirect participation in it, betting on an economic “partner” such as the Kenyan government having a prominent role. It also has as a beachhead the approval of the government of the Dominican Republic, among other countries in the region, and the offer of Lopez Obrador of Mexico to train the occupation forces in Mexican territory, showing the role of self-proclaimed progressivism, as Lula’s Brazil or Kirchner’s Argentina did so before, sending troops. Completing a picture that even shows the intention to tear Haiti apart and subject it territorially and politically to neighboring countries, under the clear tutelage of the United States.

The recent experiences of the Blue Helmets in the country, far from stabilizing and contributing to development, became an additional focus of chaos, adding multiple violations of human rights, rape and mass abandonment of children, spreading a cholera epidemic and collaborating with the arming of the paramilitary gangs that operate without control repressing the population, persecuting and murdering social leaders and controlling the main economic resources of the country and now acting as an excuse for the request for foreign intervention. That is why we denounce that this maneuver will in no way contribute to an improvement of the situation but on the contrary, it will be at the service of the dismantling of social and struggle organizations that seek a sovereign resolution to the open crisis through the struggle to end the illegitimate government of Henry and call for a Constituent Assembly to rebuild Haiti on new bases.

From the International Socialist League, our sections in all countries and in particular from the Revolutionary Socialist League of Kenya, which has been carrying out actions in its country against imperialist intervention [1], we join and promote the call for international solidarity with the people of Haiti and the repudiation of any foreign intervention. At the same time, in each of our countries we will demand that each government speak out against the UN interventionist resolution and repudiate all those who join this deadly enterprise. We also call on all political, social, labor and human rights organizations that claim to be democratic and opposed to the subjugation of the sovereignty of the people by the imperialist powers to carry out a great campaign of common mobilization to join forces with Haitian organizations in the face of this brutal scenario.

All our membership is at the service of the defeat of any interventionist attempt, the self-determination of the Haitian people and the defense of their free and sovereign organizations in the struggle to end the criminal government of the Core Group of Henry and the Yankees, hold a truly free and sovereign Constituent Assembly on the path to building a country where the workers and people govern.

International Socialist League – (04.10.2023)

[1] See Declaration of the Revolutionary Socialist League of Kenya on Haiti https://lis-isl.org/en/2023/08/24/declaracion-de-la-liga-socialista-revolucionaria-de-kenia-sobre-haiti/