Argentina: Cele Fierro’s speech at the FIT-Unity bunker

We share the words of our comrade Cele Fierro, elected legislator in the City of Buenos Aires, at the press conference held at the FIT-Unity bunker.

Well, comrades. I want to thank everyone that is present here and also outside, as we are hearing all the militants that carried out a huge and powerful campaign, not only here in the Capital, but also in the entire country. I believe this is very important for the country that is to come, because we need that militant force that is becoming stronger and bigger, because as it was just said, we have been the only political sector that clearly stated that in order to face this reactionary right-wing we need to keep facing the austerity measures implemented by the national Government and the different variants of the capitalists countries. That is why, in spite of the campaign they did for the useful vote, the Left Front managed to have its space, maintain it, grow in votes, have more representatives and legislators who are the guarantee that the voices of those who are facing the austerity are not only reaching the inside of the building, but also that we are going to be on the street facing them, as we do every single day. Furthermore, it was not only a campaign for the useful vote, as in the last weeks there was a campaign of attack against the militants and the leaders of the Left Front, because we were the only sector that did not do any electoral calculation and we clearly stated that here we are the ones who support the struggle of the Palestinian people, and today more than ever, when shelling over Gaza continues, we are going to reaffirm it. And of course, in the city we have the task of a giant struggle because as the right.wing is growing nationally, here in the city we can expect a co-government between the Macrism and the fachos, and there they will find the left, which is the only sector that does not bargain, compromise, or give in and is not afraid and goes out to face this image and this policy of city-business that they have implemented and that they want to continue developing and furthering, attacking each of our rights, attacking public healthcare, education, and the workers and they continue moving forward with the selling of every public space. Today and here, we are the only sector that faces them consequently, because here we have an opposition that when the Macrism did not have a majority, it compromised, and it is the Peronism of the city, and when Macrism did have a majority, they had the leadership of the main unions of the city and did nothing. They let them act freely. That is why the only coherent opposition that we have to strengthen is that of the Left Front Unity, because today more than ever we need a left and a much bigger left front that acts jointly not only for the elections, but every day in the unions to recover them in the neighborhoods, to fight for working conditions and for living conditions with the youth, with the women’s movement and with each one of those who go out to fight to confront the coming austerity measures. So, comrades, thank you very much for being here. Congratulations to the rest of the comrades who have been elected in these rotating seats of the Left Front Unity and here we will continue to fight. Thank you very much.