Peru: All support to the Palestinian people!

By Boris Castro. Socialist worker. ISL-Peru

While Israel is carrying out a true genocide before the eyes of the world, from Peru we also express our rejection of the Zionist offensive.

23 days after the Israeli siege, 8,005 Palestinians were dead, including 3,324 children and 2,062 women, and 20,242 wounded, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health; in addition, health teams reported 1,870 people under the rubble, including 1,020 children. There are 116 medical personnel killed and around 10,000 missing since the start of the Israeli bombardment. 25 ambulances destroyed in addition to 42% of the housing infrastructure destroyed by the bombings and nearly half of the 2.3 million Palestinians who live in Gaza have been displaced, forced to evacuate to avoid dying from the threat of the Israel Defense Forces to evacuate hospitals and schools so that they can bomb them later. The supply of drinking water, electricity, medicine and food has been cut off, leaving hundreds of thousands facing hunger, dehydration and disease. And on Friday, all communications were cut off by Israel, in the midst of the most intense aerial bombardment since the assault began three weeks ago, of which no hospitals, schools, churches or mosques were spared, with the aim of preventing it from leaking the information of the mass murder of Palestinians, from the tank raid and the beginning of a ground invasion of Gaza.

But such is the magnitude of this genocide carried out by the State of Israel that the UN secretary has recognized the magnitude of the catastrophe in a statement on Friday, warning that “the humanitarian system in Gaza is facing a total collapse with unimaginable consequences for more than 2 million civilians.”

However, Israel continues to develop a policy of extermination of the Palestinian people with total impunity that can be compared to the “final solution” that the Nazis developed to wipe out the Jewish population, since today the Zionist State does the same and with the support of the governments of imperialist countries such as the United States, Germany, England, France, Italy, Canada and other governments of NATO member countries, who parade to embrace Netanyahu, exposing their complicity in this cruel and inhuman aberration. Meanwhile, they persecute and repress the reactions and displays of solidarity that grow every day with mobilizations of tens and hundreds of thousands of women, young people and workers in their countries and in the rest of the world. The accusations of anti-Semitism are also not sustained because Jewish organizations and Jewish religious groups also show distance from the State of Israel, whom they accuse of the massive crimes it commits, while also showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Thus, while the slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” spreads, and millions of people take to the streets, solidarity increases in the face of the depravity and cruelty shown by the world’s elites and their governments, which dare to go further by signaling their willingness to promote the trend towards a regional war from which they already derive great benefits, from the rise in fuel prices to the immense profits of the arms industry, revealed in some way in Biden’s statements to every moment.

This manic disposition to violence expressed by the state of Israel and world leaders must be stopped by greater mobilizations of the youth and the working class to stop the genocide against the Palestinian people and the global conflagration that the elites seek to normalize. The working class, the youth, the women in the world must mobilize to stop any support given to the State of Israel in this murderous military enterprise. We must demand the immediate cessation of Israeli bombing and the immediate demobilization of Israeli troops and their immediate withdrawal from Gaza and the border. We must end the siege of Gaza and make food, water, electricity, medical care and all other necessities immediately available.

The greatest force of mobilization is necessary to stop this war of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people and the plans of the elites to normalize their violence of all kinds. The working population of the entire world is the only one that can and must stop production that deprives Israel of all resources that can be used in its war. Port, airport and transportation workers around the world must refuse to facilitate anything that arms and allows Israel to continue this genocide. Because it will only be through the mobilization of workers and youth around the world that this genocide in progress can be stopped and those responsible held to account.

Netanyahu, Scholz, Biden, Sunak, Meloni, Macron and all leading figures in the US-NATO axis must be prosecuted for their complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity:

No to the Zionist war against Gaza

All support for the struggle of the Palestinian people.