Chronicles of Palestine 16: New Israeli massacres, Palestinian resistance and hand-to-hand combat

The Zionist entry into the Strip meets resistance and hand-to-hand confrontations. The bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp leaves a new massacre of at least 400 dead. There are already 8,525 dead, 3,747 of them minors, 2,187 women, 21,543 injured, 2,000 missing under the rubble of destroyed buildings, including 1,100 minors. More than half of the territory’s 2.3 million Palestinians have fled their homes and taken refuge in schools or hospitals alongside thousands of injured patients. Yemen declared war on Israel; Belgian trade unions refuse to load weapons destined for Israel; Bolivia broke relations with the Zionist State; mobilizations supporting the Palestinian people continue around the world.

Monday, October 30

There is a global call, including from Israel’s allies, to respect minimum conventions: do not attack hospitals, do not kill children and allow humanitarian aid. Israel justifies every day going over everything with excuses: it bombs hospitals and homes because “there are terrorist tunnels,” it murders civilians and children because “everyone helps Hamas,” it blocks or obstructs water, food, fuel and energy supplies because “terrorists can use them.” The murderers try to impose the idea that killing defenseless people in their land is eliminating the Hamas militiamen.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected any call for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities with Hamas because it is a “battle of humanity against barbarism.”

The UN warns of bombings next to three Gaza hospitals with thousands of refugees. Israeli forces are “deliberately paralyzing” the movement of ambulances to rescue the wounded. Very violent bombings fell around the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza. Fires continue to burn at the Turkish Friendship Hospital after the bombing of the third floor by the terrorist occupation.

Israel bombed the third floor of the Turkish Hospital in Gaza

Occupation planes bombed Palestinian Red Crescent warehouses in Gaza, causing significant damage.

Israel bombed the warehouses of the Red Crescent in Gaza

Zionist tanks in Gaza shoot at civilian cars. Al-Qassam says its fighters clashed with enemy forces entering through the southern axis of Gaza, and that they destroyed 4 vehicles with “Al-Yassin 105” projectiles and explosive devices, a tank and an excavator.

Israeli tank fires on civilian cars in Gaza

In a raid on the Jenin refugee camp, West Bank, Israel killed several people, adding 118 deaths in three weeks. Militias attack an Israeli Army position on the border with Lebanon and receive artillery fire. On the northern border, confrontation with Hezbollah worsens, whose leader will give a speech next Friday. An Israeli bomb hit a UN compound, wounding a soldier. Syria denounces another Israeli missile attack against its military positions.

Lebanon’s Agriculture Minister denounced that the Israeli army burned more than 40,000 old olive trees in southern Lebanon using internationally banned white phosphorus bombs.

Israel doesn’t care about the hostages. It has only made vague promises to their relatives, some 50 of whom have died in his bombings, it has begun the ground invasion despite the dangers of reprisals and has rejected the proposals of exchange for the thousands and thousands of Palestinian prisoners they have locked up causelessly. In addition, it kidnaps hundreds of workers and ordinary people daily to subject them to interrogation and torture.

In a video released by Hamas, three Israeli hostages addressed their government: “Benjamin Netanyahu, we have been in Hamas’ captivity for 23 days… Yesterday there was a press conference for the families of the prisoners, and we know that there was supposed to be a ceasefire, and you were supposed to liberate us. You should have liberated us. However, we are suffering from your political, security and military failure, from the “failure” that you caused on October 7, because no soldier was there and no one came to us, and here no one defended us, and we are citizens. Innocent and naive citizens who pay taxes to the Israeli State, we are now in captivity “without conditions” or negotiations to liberate us. You are killing us. Do you want to kill us all? Isn’t it enough that you massacred everyone? Is it not enough for you that you have killed Israeli citizens in your bombings? Release their citizens and prisoners now (i.e. the Palestinians). Free us. Free everyone, we deserve to return to our families, now, now, now.”

The Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, stated yesterday that “Palestinians are not terrorists” and recalled that Algerians were described with this term during the 1954-1962 war against French colonization.

According to the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell,  “the Israel-Hamas war forces Europe to commit itself to two states.” The Vatican addresses the situation in the Middle East with Iran and defends the existence of “two states.” Egypt expands energy restrictions affected by gas cuts from Israel. Despite the massive demonstrations for Palestine, the Tunisian Parliament postpones the vote on the law against normalization with Israel.

The Federation of Jewish Communities and the Observatory of Antisemitism in Spain warn that an “outbreak and emergence of antisemitism” is occurring due to demonstrations of support for Palestine, deepening Zionist censorship against any criticism of the Zionist genocide.

Yesterday, hundreds of people took over the Makhachkala airport in Russia and its landing strip after calls on Telegram to come before the arrival of flights from Israel. Russia claims that they are attempts by the West to divide Russians, and Israel denounces “anti-Semitism.”

Tuesday, October 31

Israel insists that Hamas uses medical facilities in Gaza for military purposes and that this justifies attacking them. The U.N. Human Rights Office says hospitals must be protected from attack under international humanitarian law, regardless of the uses to which they are made by a side in the conflict. The WHO warns of an “imminent public health catastrophe.” Amnesty International denounces that Israel used white phosphorus projectiles in its bombings of the city of Dhayra, in southern Lebanon, which constitutes a “war crime” against civilians with prohibited weapons.

Hamas Interior Spokesman Iyad Bozum reports 400 dead and dozens injured by an Israeli attack with six “American-made” bombs on the Jabalia refugee camp, north of the Strip.

Israeli massacre in the Jabalia refugee camp

The occupation committed another massacre east of the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, after fighter jets bombed the Engineers’ Tower, which consists of 24 residential apartments, over the heads of its residents.

Netanyahu is trying to convince European leaders to pressure Egypt to accept refugees on his territory. According to Monday’s Financial Times publication, a document from the Intelligence Ministry with a plan to expel the 2.3 million Gazans to the Egyptian province of Sinai was leaked in Israeli media. Egyptian authorities affirm that they will never allow the Palestinian cause to be liquidated by accepting refugees.

Israeli troops are advancing further into Gaza, with witnesses reporting heavy clashes after tanks hit a residential area in Gaza City. Hamas says Israeli troops are trying to divide northern and southern Gaza. Intense hand-to-hand clashes are confirmed between Israeli forces and the al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas, in the north of the Strip.

Zionist censorship was imposed on a dangerous event in the Gaza Strip, and the event was difficult and cruel, according to the Hebrew media’s description. Three occupation vehicles have been ambushed on the narrow road from the New Street intersection in Karama to the Public Security intersection. Israeli helicopters are brought in to transport dead and wounded Israeli soldiers, one of them lands in the Karama area.

Al Jazeera correspondent Wael Al-Dahdouh reported that the resistance managed to get many Israeli soldiers into a building and then blew it up. The NewPress news agency reported that an ambush set up by the resistance east of Beit Hanoun this morning targeted an Israeli force and an American force, and that the resistance was able to stop that force and finish it off.

Israeli Defense Minister Gallant stated: “Unfortunately, war also has a price, and the prices on the last day were heavy ones.”

The fires set by Israel continue in southern Lebanon with bombings of prohibited white phosphorus.

A Yemeni military spokesman stated: “that Israel is carrying out a massacre in Gaza with the support of the United States and various regimes in the world. “That is why we have decided to launch cruise and ballistic missiles at Israel.” A new barrage of missiles was launched from Yemen, threatening to attack the Dimona reactor.

The Bedouin tribes of the Sinai threaten an armed movement of the Arab tribes of the Sinai towards the Rafah crossing to force the entry of aid, and give until Thursday dawn.

Kuwait condemns Israeli aggression in Gaza and calls for a ceasefire. Bolivia broke relations with the State of Israel.

Iran warns that the conflict is expanding in the region. Several protesters interrupted a hearing in the US Senate, shouting: “Cease fire now in Gaza.”

Pro-Palestine protest interrupts Blinken in the US Senate

Mass mobilizations and confrontations with the occupation in the West Bank continue. Israel launches an assault against Jenin from several fronts, with the presence of special forces. There are violent armed clashes.

Belgium’s transport trade unions refuse to load weapons destined for Israel at ports and airports and demand an immediate ceasefire. Mobilizations against the Zionist genocide continue around the world.