Chronicles of Palestine 18: Israel intensifies its aerial massacre while its ground invasion stalls

Israel intensified its attacks on hospitals, schools, refugee camps, bakeries and defenseless civilians in Gaza. It also bombed generators, solar panels and water tanks. More than 9,633 have been killed and one child dies every 10 minutes. None of this has allowed Israel to unblock its frustrated advance that has been stalled for a week at the entrances to Gaza City in the face of Palestinian resistance. Palestine solidarity mobilizations continue to spread around the world, and thousands of Israelis took to the streets calling for Netanyahu’s resignation.

Friday, November 3 Israel once again bombed defenseless families that were evacuatin to southern Gaza on the evacuation roades that they themselves indicated were safe, killing dozens on the Al-Rashid coastal highway.

Organized attacks on hospitals, the latest of which struck wounded people at the entrance of Al-Shifa Hospital today, occured simultaneously with the attacks around Al-Quds Hospital and Indonesia Hospital. More than 50 died in the cowardly attack on the convoy of ambulances with wounded people that were leaving Al-Shifa Hospital towards Egypt.

There are violent Zionist bombings around the Al-Quds hospital in Tal Al-Hawa, west of Gaza.

The surroundings of the Indonesian Hospital were attacked with smoke bombs with smoke reaching the hospital courtyards.

Urgent, another massacre: there are martyrs and wounded in an Israeli bombing of a school that housed displaced people in the Al-Saftawi area, north of Gaza.

The bloodbath that Israel is carrying out has proved useless for its objective of oavancing in Gaza. The occupation army withdrew to its starting points in the northwest region today, that is, approximately one and a half kilometers back towards the American zone. As the occupation advanced to the Al-Maqousi area, the resistance destroyed 18 vehicles, including tanks, personnel carriers and bulldozers.

Honduras withdrew its ambassador from Israel, joining Colombia, Chile, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan and Bolivia, which also broke diplomatic relations.

Palestinian girl to Israel: “We are not afraid of you”

Saturday, November 4

Intense Israeli bombings against Gaza intensify, targeting schools, shelters, hospital areas and ambulances. At least 15 died in an attack on a school in the Jabalia refugee camp, the Health Ministry reported.

Dozens more were killed in an Israeli bombardment that targeted displaced people outside the entrance to Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in Gaza, and another attack destroyed a mosque in the Al-Sabra neighborhood, south of Gaza City.

Israeli bombardment of the Al-Azhar University and Al-Mughrabi Gaza

Israeli forces also attacked the Al Wafa hospital’s power generator, knocking it out of service, and destroyed a public water tank east of Rafah that supplied several neighborhoods. Israeli airstrikes have also destroyed solar panels that were installed atop several bakeries to continue providing thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as blackouts continue. At least five bakeries in the Gaza Strip have been directly targeted by Israeli attacks, and at least eight more have suffered so much damage from attacks near them that they have been put out of service.

Urgent: Israeli bombs destroyed the main water source of the Jabalia refugee camp.

Israel destroyed a water tank in the Rafah region that suplies various neighborhoods in Gaza

Hamas’s armed wing says more than 60 hostages are missing due to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, and that 23 bodies of Israeli hostages are trapped under rubble.

More than six days of fighting have passed since Israel announced the expansion of its ground military operation inside Gaza. The fighting is harsh and is intensifying in different sectors of Gaza. Palestinian combatants managed to ambush Israeli forces by attacking them with different types of anti-tank missiles and opening fire on Israeli troops.

In the past 48 hours, Hamas fighters destroyed 24 Israeli military vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers with anti-armor weapons, in particular Al Yassin 105 projectiles.

Thousands of Israelis protested outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in central Jerusalem, calling on him to resign.

Protests in Israel demand Netanyahu resign

In his first speech since the Israeli attack on Gaza four weeks ago, Hezbollah’s top leader Hassan Nasrallah warned on Friday that «all options» are open for an expansion of the conflict and blamed the United States for the “war” in Gaza.

Israeli bombardment of southern Lebanon

Over 100,000 people marched in Washington today in solidarity with Palestine. Thousands also marched in London, Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires. In Turkey, there were protests against the visit of US Secretary of State Blinken.

More than 100,000 marched in Washington in solidarity with Palestine

The column of the MST, Argentine section of the ISL in the Buenos Aires march. Alejandro Bodart on X: “Our arrival at the manifestation at the Congress. In Argentina, as in the world, actions are growing to stop the Zionist genocide in Gaza”):

Massive Palestine solidarity march in Berlin
Demonstration in solidarity with Palestine in Bogotá, Colombia
More than 20,000 marched in Santiago de Chile against the Israeli genocide