Chronicles of Palestine 20: Israel assaults Gaza City, Jenin and southern Lebanon

Israel redoubles its attack on Gaza City, killing hundreds more Palestinians, while thousands flee on foot, walking miles toward the south of the Strip. The occupation also intensifies its bombing of Lebanon and attacks Jenin in the West Bank, facing strong resistance. There are already more than 10,899 dead, at least 4,368 of them children. The future of Gaza is now being discussed, although the resistance and international mobilization remain strong.

Tuesday, November 7

After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that Israel would take responsibility for security in Gaza after the war, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that neither Hamas nor Israel would control the Strip. The US State Department said it would not support a “reoccupation of Gaza,” but that there can be no return to the status quo of October 6.

Netanyahu again curbed growing calls for a ceasefire, saying captives held in Gaza would first need to be released. Meanwhile, Gallant said in a televised news conference that Israeli soldiers had advanced into the heart of Gaza City.

The Gaza Interior Ministry says all bakeries in the Gaza City and northern Gaza governorates have stopped operating due to systematic attacks and a lack of fuel and flour.

As a handful of hospitals continue to operate amid severe shortages of fuel and supplies, the Red Cross said a humanitarian aid convoy was attacked in Gaza City today but was able to complete its delivery.

Three Palestinian human rights groups have warned that Gazans face imminent threats of forced displacement and ethnic cleansing, with 1.5 million Palestinians internally displaced across the Strip. Cross-border fighting has continued between Israel and Lebanon. This afternoon, the occupation shelled areas of Lebanon that exceeded the limits established in UN Resolution 1701, which imposed a ceasefire in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of 2006. What is happening now is an unprecedented aggression against Lebanon.

Israeli bombardment in Lebanon

Wednesday, November 8

Israel assures that it is already fighting on the streets “in the heart of Gaza City for the first time in decades.” It claims to have Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar “isolated in his bunker,” whom it presumes it will assassinate. But the victims are still thousands of defenseless Palestinians.

Wafa reported that last night’s bombings killed dozens of Palestinian civilians. The International Committee of the Red Cross reported that one of its convoys loaded with medical supplies for the Al Quds hospital was hit by gunfire and had to divert to the Al Shifa hospital. Netanyahu insisted that the population move south. According to the Ministry of the Interior of Gaza, there are 900,000 inhabitants in the north, the United Nations says 400,000. Thousands of families are walking kilometers to flee the fighting and bombing towards southern Gaza. The occupation bombed a school in the Gaza Strip where a large number of displaced people were sheltered, and killed another 11 young people in the West Bank.

Israel bombed a school in Gaza

A new massacre: several dead and wounded were recovered from the rubble; an entire residential square in the Beit Lahia project was recently bombed.

It is estimated that Hamas has between 400 and 500 kilometers of urban and rural tunnels. Israel’s priority is to destroy them without entering, due to the complexity of fighting inside. The Zionists attack the entrances with the use of robots, but their main methodology is to destroy everything built, which is why attacks on houses and hospitals continue. They do this with bombs known as “bunker busters”, after an initial explosion, a secondary explosion occurs underground. They can reach up to 30 meters deep or pierce 6 meters of concrete before exploding. With this technology, they attacked the Jabalia refugee camp. They are murderous and indiscriminate weapons that kill dozens of civilians as a “side effect” of the supposed disabling of tunnels.

Israeli Broadcasting Authority: The defense establishment warned the War Cabinet that the West Bank is on the brink of a major escalation. Large forces of the occupation army and their vehicles assault the city of Jenin. Clashes begin and an escalation is expected tonight in the resistance response in the West Bank.

What will happen to the Gaza Strip? It will depend on the outcome of the conflict that may extend over time. Netanyahu has already stated his intention: “I believe that Israel will have, for an indefinite period of time, overall responsibility for (Gaza’s) security because we have seen what happens when we don’t have it”. That is to say, he is considering a permanent occupation of Gaza. For White House spokesman John Kirby, Israel staying indefinitely, “is not good for Israel; not good for the Israeli people.”