No more political repression in Cuba! Solidarity with comrade Raymar Aguado Hernández

We share below a statement written by activists of the Cuban Marxist opposition in response to the persecution and harassment suffered by Raymar Aguado Hernández.

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 25, the young Cuban Raymar Aguado Hernández, a member of the left-wing opposition, Marxist, university student and collaborator of several independent media on the Island, was summoned by State Security agents and forced to appear on the following Monday, November 27, at a police station located in the municipality of Centro Habana, province of Havana, to conduct an “interview” for committing a “possible crime.” Crime, which was not specified.

Without recognizing the legitimacy of the process, Raymar showed up at the aforementioned unit on the agreed day. Hours later, he was escorted to his house by a police patrol, which -as he was told- would prevent his free movement for a “prolonged period.” This is a tactic used repeatedly by the repressive organs of the Cuban State, to intimidate those who dissent or maintain a critical stance towards political power.

Despite the harassment and arbitrary confinement that he faces, Raymar claims he will not to abandon his ideas, nor political responsibility, much less renounce his texts.

Raymar Aguado Hernández has not committed any crime, he is innocent. However, his words regarding the inefficient and authoritarian management of the ruling class in Cuba have been taken as an affront against the official structures, increasingly distant from the popular bases.

“The State that represses its people has no other name than coward. The State that does not allow its people to make use of the right to free expression has no other name than a coward. The State that does not ensure the well-being of its people has no other name than a coward. The State that lies to its people has no other name than a coward. The State that hides the truth from its people has no other name than a coward. This State cannot be recognized in any other way, but as a tyranny,” Raymar wrote after the ruling party opened an unjust criminal process against the Cuban professor and Marxist Alina Bárbara López Hernández.

We demand the immediate end of the house arrest of Raymar Aguado Hernández and the end of the repression against all those who stand against a regime that decades ago betrayed the ideals of a socialist revolution.

No to harassment against working people!