Argentina: The streets are ours. The mobilization defeated Bullrich and reached Plaza de Mayo

An important unitary mobilization was finally carried out today to commemorate a new anniversary of the battles of the 2001 Argentinazo. An broad range of human rights, labor, social, socio-environmental, student and political organizations overcame all the obstacles placed by Minister Patricia Bullrich and the security forces and guaranteed that the mobilization to Plaza de Mayo and the unitary rally could be carried out there.

For its part, the government reinforced its repressive policy of harassment and threats against the population from the beginning of the day, mounting operations in train stations, bus stations, on bridges and avenues, to give an image that they tried to frighten the people who came to mobilize in Buenos Aires and throughout the country.

Despite all this, they were unable to prevent thousands from reaching the political heart of the country from Diagonal Norte and Diagonal Sur avenues, defeating these threats and successfully guaranteeing the first and great mobilization against the Milei-Bullrich government, its adjustment and its repressive and illegal protocol, which is not against the piqueteros (organized unemployed workers) in particular but against the right to mobilize of the entire people.

Within this very important unitary mobilization, the MST in the Left Front Unity organized a very prominent and militant column that brought several thousand protesters to the Plaza, with the presence of Cele Fierro, Alejandro Bodart, Vilma Ripoll, Guillermo Paccagnini, Pablo Vasco from CADHU and Mónica Sulle from Teresa Vive, along with union leaders from ANCLA at its lead. At the common march lead were representatives of the other FIT Unidad parties, union leaders, social leaders and human rights organizations.

Bodart: “No repression or protocol is going to defeat the unity of the workers against Milei’s adjustment. With the MST, together with other organizations and thousands and thousands of people, we are on our way to Plaza de Mayo.”

It was precisely this column of the MST in the FIT Unidad, together with that of other organizations, that defeated the attempt of the security forces on Diagonal Norte to not allow the mobilization to occupy the avenue. Thousands of workers and young people defeated the repressive attempt and opened way to the cry of “unity of the workers and if you don’t like it, fuck off” and after the street had been won and the column was entering the people’s square, “what a fool, what a fool, they can shove the protocol up their ass” was heard loudly.
Fierro: “We have defeated the anti-pickets protocol,” says @Cele_Fierro, Buenos Aires legislator of the FIT-Unidad, from the mobilization.

The security forces led by Bullrich also attempted a repressive siege along Diagonal Sur, where another part of the mobilization entered the square. There were some incidents there, but in the end, the protesters also arrived and converged with the Diagonal Norte column to fill the Plaza de Mayo. Finally, a unitary rally was carried out there with the reading of an important common document, which we reproduce in another article by Periodismo de Izquierda. After the mobilization, representatives of different organizations mobilized to demand the liveration of some protesters that had been detained.

The main political conclusion is that Bullrich was defeated in her first attempt to prevent mobilization. Because the minister wants to liquidate an essential democratic right: the right to petition and mobilize for social and democratic rights. It was an important event for the government, so much so, that President Milei himself followed the operation in person from police headquarters along with several of his ministers. But they failed in their attempt.

They were unable to prevent the mobilization from taking place, they were unable to prevent thousands from marching on the streets. Despite all their threats and pressures, the Plaza once again belonged to the people. Once again it was demonstrated that the only correct policy against such an austerity package and repressive attempts like these, is the broadest unity in the street, the unity of different labor, social and political sectors. In the first major action against Milei’s government, the left was the main protagonist, while the various Peronist labor, social and political sectors were absent once again.

Next comes Milei’s announcement, about his mega DNU (Necessary and Urgent Decree) and a strong attack on labor rights. While the CGT bureaucracy continues to watch without doing anything. These plans must be defeated with thousands in the streets and with active general strikes and plans of struggle debated and decided by thousands and thousands of workers. After Milei’s announcements, more than ever, it will be necessary to demand these urgent measures and, meanwhile, to organize the struggle from below. The struggle against this government has just begun. We won one round today and others will come. We must prepare for these political and social battles that are coming.