Argentina: Protests against Milei’s Decree. The discontent was felt and swept away the BullrichArgentina protocol

On the night of December 20, minutes after the broadcast of Javier Mile’s video announcing a mega DNU (Necessary and Urgent Decree) at the service of big capital, thousands of neighbors gathered first on their corners throughout the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and then marched towards Congress where thousands gathered until the early hours of the morning.

The same happened in many districts of Greater Buenos Aires and the country’s main cities. This showed that in less than two weeks of government, Milei is already earning the anger of millions, and that process had its first clear manifestation last night, calling into question all of his plans. Including Bullrich’s repressive plans and his anti-picket protocol that attacks the right to mobilize, since it was completely ignored by the population.

“Where is it? We don’t see it, that famous CGT” and “strike, strike, strike, general strike” were among the most chanted slogans at the massive cacerolazo (protest with banging pots and pans) in front of the National Congress. The general strike also emerged as the logical demand of workers, young people, women, older adults and middle class sectors who mobilized last night. The CGT and the CTA have to set a date now to stop the package and the DNU that they denounce as unconstitutional.

Bodart: 3 in the morning. The streets, against Milei
Fierro: After 2 AM and Congress is still overwhelmed by the thousands who repudiate the unconstitutional DNU. The CGT should learn, this is how the people defends itself.

Here are some images and videos of what took place last night, which marked a very particular December 20 that anticipates where the country is going.

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