Argentina: The MST’s proposal of an Open Congress of the Left Front Unity

By Sergio García

We had May 1st, the historic university demonstration, before that, the massive March 8th and 24th, in February the days in front of the Congress against the Omnibus Law and in late January we had had a general strike with thousands on the street. In the meantime, we have strikes by sectors, neighborhood assemblies, a movement of struggle for culture and outraged pensioners.  The government has felt several blows during that time, and it is not having an easy time. If it can keep moving forward with its austerity and now with the Ley Bases, it is because of the imperialist and business support that it receives, plus the detrimental role of the bureaucratic union leaderships who give it time, who disappear or barely call for overdue, isolated and uncoordinated measures. We can add to this, logically, the social base that still supports it.

In spite of all this, thousands of male and female workers, students and popular sectors have won the streets repeatedly. They have put themselves on the line to say “the streets are ours” facing Bullrich’s repressive protocol, enduring tear gas, provocations and threats. We have no doubt that this will continue to be the case if we put up a strong fight. In a politically and socially polarized country, in the face of a reactionary plan, more confrontations will come, because rights are not negotiable. They do not want to stop and we can stop them.

Knowing all this, seeing and participating daily in this reality, is that we propose to raise the weight and location of the left in the political arena. Because we claim to be the only political sector that from day one is fighting against Milei in the street, inside and outside Congress, against the austerity in parliaments and councils; against bureaucracy in trade unions; against hunger and mafias in the neighborhoods. We vindicate the coordination achieved and expressed in each day of struggle and we promote its continuity.

We do not look the other way when we see thousands and thousands struggling without active political membership, without organized militancy or daily protagonism. And the role of the anti-capitalist and socialist left is to always look for the way to advance qualitatively so that thousands join, and are part with us in the political struggle for the fundamental changes that are needed.

That is why we propose to the other parties of the Left Front Unity that we call for a big Open Congress of the Left Front. We have enormous challenges ahead and we need all the strength. It is not enough for our front to continue being only a place for the militancy of our four parties. There are thousands of workers’ and popular fighters, leaders of the social left, environmentalists, independent comrades, intellectuals, fellow organizations, voters of the FIT-U, and workers and young people disappointed with Peronism. All of them have to be summoned to an Open Congress in a stadium, in Plaza de Mayo or wherever thousands can participate, lead, debate and decide.

We make this proposal convinced that our task is to transform ourselves into an option of power for millions of workers and youth. We want neither conformism, nor electoralism, nor more of the same. The political space conquered by our front must be defended without stopping only in that place. We want to organize thousands and thousands politically and put all that strength in favor of the Left Front Unity, of the alternative program it has, of the strategy for a government of the workers.

Let us open, in the midst of the struggle against Milei, a channel of active political participation, let us summon, promote and open the floodgates to the contribution of thousands. Let us hold a great Open Congress to strengthen our front. We should not be afraid that thousands come forward and bring their opinions, debate and propose. In a Congress of militants and sympathizers everyone brings their proposals and puts them for consideration. To such a Congress we will bring the idea that the front will be much better and stronger, becoming a great political movement with room for thousands, with weekly meetings of its leadership, active political life, common political answers, common struggle in every social, trade union and student sphere of dispute, not only in the elections. And each party of the FIT-U will bring its proposals. So that everything is debated, let us seek agreements, let us not hide if there are nuances or differences and at the end let us decide democratically how to continue.

Let us not waste any more time. We need an extremely democratic event of thousands, for the struggle and to advance so that millions are referenced in the left and the FIT-U. The arrival of Milei to the government has been a right wing expression of the disaster caused by the PJ in the government. We have to fight to get free from Milei without returning to new frustrations, doing something new. Only the left can open that road. On condition that our front openly calls for a great Congress in the first place, and then with that strength and participation of thousands, we will be ready for a much greater political and social struggle.