Argentina: Moving farewell of Carlos Carcione

This May 5, we said our final farewell to our beloved leading comrade, teacher and friend Carlos Carcione in the city of Rosario. His death left all of his friends, comrades and family members grieving. The physical departure of Carlos has caused great pain to those of us who shared political activity with him at some point in his long career as a militant and leader of the task of building the revolutionary political weapon of the working class and oppressed majorities.

As expected, many came from many places to see Carlos off. Comrades from Córdoba, from Buenos Aires, from Entre Ríos, from the capital of Santa Fe. Many affectionate greetings were sent to his son Martín and his family from different parts of the world. Carlos was a dedicated internationalist, there was no doubt about that, which is why dozens of messages arrived from comrades in Pakistan, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, France, Belarus, Spain and elsewhere expressing their grief and sharing their anecdotes about some passionate debate they had with him. Many greetings came from his beloved Venezuela, where he dedicated his efforts over ten years, from many comrades that he built Marea Socialista with or founded Aporrea with.

As those closest to him wished, a tribute rally was carried out in front of the funeral home where he lay. The party’s honor guard was asked to move to the entrance to participate alongside the MAT comrades that were present, along with those of other political currents, his family members, and Cele Fierro and Alejandro Bodart representing the MST National Leadership.

The first to speak was his son Martín. With immense pain and tears in his eyes, he thanked each comrade present on behalf of himself and his family. He thanked the Santa Fe regional for accompanying Carlos in his last great challenge as a party leader and highlighted that Carlos was very happy with his life in the city of Rosario since the beginning of 2021. He pointed out that Carlos belonged to all of us, that his legacy is collective and that the best tribute we can pay him is to continue fighting to eradicate the miseries of this system like he did passionately for many years, with successes and mistakes, but always, until the very end.

Provincial leader of the MST of Santa Fe Jimena Sosa then thanked the members of the other organizations of the Left Front and everyone present. She highlighted Carlos’s emphasis on building and strengthening the regional leadership, which was his great objective. She remembered him as a caring comrade, always willing to listen, his patience and his revolutionary anecdotes that were always present in conversations with him. A man who was humble, but possessed enormous wisdom, who never refused to share his experiences and reflections on what he considered successes, mistakes and doubts on revolutionary construction. His passion in conveying that another, more just, world is possible.

Alejandro Bodart then spoke on behalf of the National Leadership of the MST. He greeted all the comrades who were present, remembering the messages that arrived for Carlos’s family from different parts of the world. He pointed out that the loss of Carlos is significant for the working class of the country, because he was a comrade who began to serve the revolutionary caouse back in the 70s and since that moment helped to build not only the party, but also union organizations, to build in the battle to change this society. He left a big mark in the formation of cadres in the working class, a battle that we wage swimming against the current, with many difficulties. He explained that it is a very important loss for the revolutionary construction, because Carlos was been formed through many years of battles, passing through countless places, because the life of those who believe in social change often leads to spending scant time with the children, with the family, although always with the big family that is the membership, the party. He highlighted that Carlos decided that this was his path and that he died in his law, that he saw him happy at the MST Congress, for the achievements gained, the international construction, with the desire to face the challenges ahead.

Bodart recalled that we are in a very complex moment in the country, with a government that is trying to destroy everything, even changing elements of the political regime and that in those moments comrades like Carlos, who have gone through radically different periods, are very important. Because Carlos, like all of us, continued to believe that the future of humanity is socialism and that is why he fought and fought until the last moments of his life.

Alejandro concluded by saying that he believes that the best tribute to all our comrades when they leave us, is not only to remember them, but to continue doing what they did, giving their lives to build the revolutionary tools that are fundamental to change society. Because if there is something that we have learned over decades and decades of struggle, it is that without revolutionary tools, no matter how much effort the working class makes, no matter how much effort the people make, it is impossible to change society. So, the best tribute is to remain firm in the construction of the party and the International, he said at the end of his words.

Then came Carla Deiana’s greetings, from the Partido Obrero, to Carlos’ comrades and his family. She mentioned Carlos’ dedication to international party building and the role he played in the debates of the Rosario left. Mariano Soria, from Izquierda Socialista, added that he met Carlos in Córdoba and that for many years they shared different tasks together and that despite the political differences they could always maintain a friendly and respectful conversation. Octavio Crivaro, for the PTS, greeted all the militants and highlighted the valuable role that Carlos played in the FIT-U meetings, since he managed to moderate the spirits of those present and find common ground.

Luciana Echeverria, Córdoba legislator of the MST, mentioned the period she shared with Carlos in her province. She highlighted his unwavering support in such a complex moment that the regional went through. His dedication and his attentive gaze to pay attention to every detail when thinking about interventions and transmitting to new generations the passion for building the party.

Comrades from Rosario also spoke. Norma, a member of Teresa Vive, with tears she remembered a patient and optimistic man, worried about changing everything, and she was very sorry for the death of “my leader.” Marisel, a member of the Rosario MST, pointed out that Carlos was dedicated to the socialist struggle and that his loss leaves a great void in the regional.

Before ending the event, Alejandro Bodart asked the comrades present to sing the socialist International together. Between tears and raised fists, the anthem of the working class sounded strong on that gray and rainy Sunday. The cry of “Carlos Carcione: present, now and always, to socialism,” was heard loudly in Rosario.

MST Regional Leadership, province of Santa Fe, Argentina