Proposal On North Africa

In Sudan and Algeria, uprisings have overthrew the dictators. These are political revolutions, as the mass movement has taken down the dictators, but the dictatorship regime is still in power. The bloody counterrevolution waits for the right time to attack.

North Africa is a region in which class contradictions are extremely sharp, and it has been in interaction with Europe. So the social movements are always effected by European struggles. The expectations of the youth for a good future and what the system gives them is very different.

This is why popular uprisings that stem from an accumulation of anger against the dictatorships have burst and made the spring come to Africa again.

The basic social problems of the workers who live in poverty in oil-rich countries such as Algeria and Sudan cannot be solved only by free elections or in the line of liberal democracy. The fundamental problems of these societies can only be solved if workers and poor peasants capture and rule the economy for themselves. In addition, a socialist project in one country cannot survive, but the revolutionary winds will inevitably affect countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and other countries of Africa and even Europe.

Algeria cannot reach bright days without combining the struggle against the dictatorship with the struggle against capitalism, without targeting the system and building workers power. This is the concrete program of the permanent revolution for North Africa.

Workers, peasants and the youth are giving heroic struggles. But, without a socialist leadership and a clear perspective, their most likely perspective is of defeat by the bloody dictators of capitalism. The lessons of Egypt are very near and clear.


  • Continue preparing the formation of a revolutionary militant group to activate the construction of revolutionary Marxism in North Africa.
  • Ideological struggle against the bourgeois democratic solution.
  • Solidarity campaigns for North African people through internet and protest in front of the embassies of coalition forces.
  • Organizing actions in the streets if there are military coups or any other foreign interventions.
  • Struggle against the illusions that the Islamists can be part of the democratic struggle.
  • On Libya, we have to show the true face of imperialism that totally destroys the country by helping, arming and funding the war lords and Islamist groups.