Resolution on the student struggle in Brazil


1- That the proto-fascist government of Jair Bolsonaro began to apply a brutal package of austerity to the budget of public education;

2 – That this cut of 30% of the budget threatens the universal right to quality public education;

3- That, since 2013, the Brazilian youth have played a vanguard role in the struggles of resistance to the austerity packages that the last 3 governments tried to apply on the working class and the people as a whole.

4- That Brazilian students once again occupy the streets in resistance to Bolsonaro’s attack on education, mobilizing almost 2 million in the streets of 200 cities on May 14, organizing events for May 30, as a new day of mobilization and calling to intervene in the General Strike of June 15.

5- That the policy of the IMF against public education unifies the youth of Latin America and countries of other continents;

We resolve:

1- To promote actions to support Brazilian students in struggle; with campaigns of agitation in the streets and universities, photos and videos on social networks and protests in front of the Brazilian embassies, as far as possible.

2- To collect statements of student leaders and personalities in support of the Brazilian student movement.

3- To carry out propaganda of our positions on this process in the vanguard, through talks and other initiatives.