Resolution on Nicaragua


* That, since April 2018, there has been an uprising against the austerity policies of the Ortega-Murillo government dictated by the IMF against the whole of the Nicaraguan people;

* That, to try to defeat that process, the regime deployed a violent repression with a balance sheet of hundreds killed, wounded, imprisoned and disappeared;

* That, in the field of genuine popular mobilization, of social organizations, peasants, workers and the youth, the student movement has had a substantial relevance, and has consequently been the sector most persecuted and harassed by the regime;

* That the fundamental contradiction lies in the fact that the bourgeois opposition, which was a business partner of the regime for years, has mounted itself on the resistance process to deactivate the activity of class struggle, diverting it toward a sterile “dialogue” with the dictatorship which achieves nothing other than give Ortega political time;

* That the regime failed to defeat the mass movement as a whole, and that there are actions of struggle and resistance in a molecular way, although without centralization, without coordination, or unified global strategy;

* That the politics of “dialogue” constitute a direct betrayal of the struggle of the Nicaraguan people and that popular energies and genuine indignation are squandered along that road;

* That the Blue and White Alliance is hegemonized by the COSEP (the superstructure of the Nicaraguan business community) and that, therefore, it does not represent the social interests of the people, but of the bourgeoisie;

* That, together with a group of exiled students and activists, militants of our international current has been raising a policy of opposition to the regime, of rejection of the “dialogue”, of demanding the release of political prisoners, the cessation of repression, and a democratic solution starting with the ousting of the dictatorship through mobilization, a Free, Sovereign and Democratic Constituent Assembly for the people to decide and a reorganization of Nicaragua on truly socialist bases, on the way to preparing a workers´, peasants and popular government in that country;

* That, for all this, the key is to promote the construction of a socialist and revolutionary political alternative in Nicaragua;

We resolve:

  1. To support the policy raised by our current until now of rejection of the “dialogue”, freedom of political prisoners, overthrow of Ortega-Murillo, Constituent Assembly and workers´, peasants´ and popular government.
  2. To organize talks, forums, conferences and activities of agitation and propaganda to publicize our positions in relation to this process.
  3. To continue arguing in permanent articles against the positions of campism, all the false reformist ideologies that sow confusion in the vanguard in relation to the unique process and in particular, demonstrate that Sandinism, with Ortega-Murillo, is the antithesis of an anti-imperialist, left or socialist project.
  4. Continue preparing the formation of a revolutionary militant group to activate the construction of a section of our current in Nicaragua as soon as there are objective conditions to do so.