Algeria: “Tizi-Ouzou Citizen Committee for a Constituent Assembly”


The Tizi-Ouzou Citizens Committee thanks the citizens, political activists, trade unionists and activists who mobilized for two days, before the court in Tizi-Ouzou until 06/23/2020 at 3:30 a.m. We inform citizens of the sentences that have been pronounced:

– Thirteen (13) young protesters were released (including two sentenced to one year in prison without a warrant, four sentenced to six months in prison without a warrant), the other seven were acquitted.

– One sentenced to one year in prison with a hearing order.

The lawyers after consulting with the families decided to appeal this sentence in 10 days. The Tizi-Ouzou Citizens Committee for a Sovereign Constituent Assembly considers it a very close victory, while the prosecutor demanded five years in prison and a fine of DA 100,000. The CCTO / PACS believes that victory will only be satisfactory if the arrested citizens are acquitted.

We call the attention of the population to the positive role, the unwavering collective commitment of the lawyers who mobilized to snatch the thirteen detainees from the system´s claws through a memorable argument from 9 in the morning with the presence of all lawyers until they were released.

We are peacefully organized citizens, determined to achieve the sovereignty of the people, to build democracy in a united and indivisible republic.

Faithful to the sacrifices and ideals of 1,500,000 martyrs so that the Algerian nation lives in a democratic and social republic and the rule of law.

The Tizi-Ouzou Citizens Committee calls on citizens to remain vigilant and to mobilize peacefully until the acquittal of our brothers and comrades is acheived.

Our permanent mobilization and organization in unity is the only guarantee of the triumph of our struggle.

Tizi-Ouzou on: 06/23/2020