Brazil:Administrative Reform, a Bourgeois Pact Against the People

By Alternativa Socialista / ISL

Bolsonaro’s government delivered the proposed Administrative Reform. The smiles on the faces of Bolsonaro, Guedes, Maia, Alcolumbre and even Rede Globo, who advanced with the “impartial” campaign in favor of the reform, were remarkable. The goal is to pass it by the end of this year. As we have already said, it is the bourgeois agreement to run over the working class and poor people.

The Administrative Reform project aims to destroy the public sector, which is responsible for indispensable services for the Brazilian population. Some of the points of the reform are: end of stability for the majority of the categories of service providers; prohibition of career progressions by length of service; dismissals for performance; extinction of positions and vacant bodies, which could open the doors to the extinction of Ibama and INCRA, for example, everything Bolsonaro wants; reorganization of the autarchies and foundations, which could directly affect the universities and federal institutes, threatening their autonomy.

The media, including Globo Network, the great “enemy” of the Bolsonaro clan, have already begun their campaigns for the urgent approval of the Reform. They include in their programming the misleading speeches of “modernization of public service” and the “end of privileges”. All lies! The old castes, judges, military and parliamentarians will not even be affected by this reform. In other words, the bulk of what they consider “expenditures” will remain intact while the lowest paid categories, who actually work, will be hit – the teachers and health care workers this government hates so much.

In the same campaign, they are trying to divide our class by playing public sector workers against private sector workers. The rush is so great for approval, since they are constantly charging the Bolsono-Guedes for it, that for the moment they have taken away the Fiscal Reform, which faces heated disagreements in the bourgeois sector itself, and they will give full priority to the Administrative Reform.

It may seem that the attack will be limited to the state workers, but the problem is bigger. If the reform is approved, the governments on duty – federal, state and municipal – will be able to keep public service under their political control, with commands where and when they want, offering the population a precarious service in which the workers of the public sector, who effectively provide the service, will be constantly harassed without job security and without the possibility of having a voice and struggle to defend and improve the service. Governments will be able, in practice, to decide whether or not the services will actually exist.

The self-confidence that has been taking hold of Bolsonaro, since the last popularity survey, has led the government to assess that it was time to continue attacking, even with caution and mistrust. The indisposition between Guedes and Maia, for example, became evident, but the government is turning back. The crisis continues, it is chronic, institutional, and the definition of the regime has not yet left the table precisely because it is the main element of the crisis.

So, what is the “formula” of Bolsonaro and his gang for solving the crisis? pushing the working class into misery, the youth into despair, the oppressed sectors into oppression and extermination, and the poor into hunger. The Administrative Reform is a part of this war package where the objective is to keep the pockets of the bourgeoisie, the real parasites, always full.

Is it possible to defeat the Administrative Reform and overthrow Bolsonaro?

The opposition to the government, including the left and the “progressives,” have not yet awakened, or do not want to, and continue to pray the same opposition card about the limits of order, that is, the one that will let Bolsonaro beat the people until the elections of 2022. For the moment, some like Lula and the PT are worried about winning as many town halls as possible, but Bolsonaro stays. It is even convenient, since it will serve as a scarecrow for the opposition’s campaigns.

These sectors still feed the idea that it is possible to “tame” Bolsonaro and prohibit what his policies can do. We know that this is not possible. The way to defeat this government war is to mobilize in defense of 99% of the population and the sovereignty of the Brazilian state that is being deeply attacked. They will move to prevent reforms on the terrain of the bourgeoisie and where we are a minority, the parliament, and then resign themselves to “we did everything we could. The defeatists will continue to say: “our class was not mature enough to mobilize.

The government is wisely trying to recover in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and find a solid agreement to continue until the end of the term and, who knows, another one. But the world crisis and the Brazilian crisis are not easy to solve. It pushes workers into misery, but it also opens up possibilities for struggle. Our task is to know how to take advantage of these gaps to fight our enemies.

The truth is that if the trade union centers, the unions, the parties and the social movements do not get out of the quagmire in which they find themselves and build a massive national campaign, we will be defeated.

The CSP-Conlutas must urgently convene all its bases to discuss how to confront this and the other reforms. We must demand that the other centrals wake up and summon their rank and file to put into action a national plan of struggle.

This is the moment to fight. It is perfectly possible to make the mobilizations converge with participation in the elections. Without sectarianism or opportunism. With unity of action in the streets to prevent unpopular reforms and to rebuild the overthrow of the Bolsonaro-Mourão government. Alternativa Socialista-PSOL, defends a national campaign in defense of our rights, to prevent the Administrative Reform, in defense of public service! Fora Bolsonaro and Mourão!