Colombia: We Condemn the repressive measures against the National People´s Assembly

Today July 16, delegations from people´s assemblies throughout the country and union, student, indigenous and peasant sectors, are preparing to travel to the National People’s Assembly to be held in Cali, from July 17 to 20.

Faced with this, the Cali mayor’s office and the Valle del Cauca governor imposed restrictive measures to close the region’s borders with the excuse of COVID, which allows Duque’s genocidal and paramilitary Uribista government to persecute travelers, starting from stopping the buses of the delegations with the National Police, who also confiscate suitcases and personal belongings in an attack against human rights.

At this moment, 8 comrades from Impulso Socialista in the International Socialist League are being held at near the Municipality of Caldas Antioquia by the repressive forces along with other activists. Although they may leave this checkpoint, we warn that the government will continue to stop the buses at more checkpoints.

This is hapening throughout the country to prevent the National People’s Assembly and the July 20 mobilization from taking place.

We condemn the repressive measures of the Local Governments and the National Government and we call for international solidarity to denounce what is happening so that our comrades, together with the movement in general, can make it to the National People’s Assembly.

Long live the struggle of the Colombian people!
Duque Out!