Argentina: The MST demands that the government break relations with the Taliban and not align with the US

This Monday 23, the MST – FIT Unidad, section of the Internationa Socialist League in Argentina, mobilized to the Foreign Ministry, where they delivered a letter demanding that the government not recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan and break relations with that country. Alejandro Bodart and Cele Fierro led the protest, where women predominated in defense of their Afghan counterparts.

Bodart stated: “It is clear that two decades of US domination deepened the problems and have not guaranteed any basic rights in Afghanistan. The Taliban coup and its new government only mean the replacement of one oppressor by another. We must isolate the Taliban government, reject any foreign intervention and defend the democratic right of the Afghan people to decide their own destiny. In this sense, we support the resistance of the workers and women that exists in the country and we call for the broadest international unity so that it can triumph against obscurantism and imperialist interventions”.

Cele Fierro added: “Just as the Yankee soldiers committed abuses and sexual exploitation against women and girls, the whole world knows that the Taliban represent the most horrifying obscurantism. We do not trust any ‘moderation’ by these anti-rights religious fanatics, but only place confidence in the resistance of women and the Afghan people, together with international solidarity. “

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