Brazil: Juazeiro do Norte state workers union elections: Victory of List 1 and continuation of struggles


On August 20, elections were held for the Municipal Public Workers’ Union (SISEMJUN) of Juazeiro do Norte, in the Cariri Ceará region. Alternativa Socialista is part of the militnat leadership elected by the victorious List 1, Experiência e Renovação, the result of the unity between CSP-Conlutas, the union center that we built and Intersindical, managed to guarantee the union’s militancy.

The mobilized state workers gave 487 votes to List 1 and 166 votes to List 2, promoted by members of the PCdoB, PT, made up of Bolsonaro supporters and close to the Bolsonaro municipal administration led by Gledson Bezerra (Podemos) .

With a collectively built program and a composition, List 1 has as its principles the right to life, even more denied at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic; class independence, a necessary principle for those who claim to defend class based policies; the struggle against the oppression and exploitation of our class; and the mobilization and permanent dialogue with the rank and file against bureaucratization.

The Experiência e Renovação list, now in charge, has the task of maintaining state workers on the path of militancy, leading the struggles against the attacks of the municipal administration and joining the united struggle for Bolsonaro Out.

Intervention by Italo Freitas, Alternativa Socialista member, vicepresident of the SISEMJUN y member of the State Executive of the Ceará CSP-Conlutas.