Kashmir: Formation of Peoples Revolutionary Front, Another Milestone for the Revolutionary Struggle!

By Peoples Revolutionary Front (PRF)

On 23rd July 2022, a meeting was held in Rawalakot, Pakistan held Kashmir. The meeting was attended by a large number of youth, workers, lawyers and people from different walks of life. Hundreds of men and women from different districts of Kashmir participated in the meeting. A large number of former officials including former presidents of Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF), a traditional left-wing student organization in the region, also participated in the meeting. Apart from the discussion on the political and economic conditions of the country, the political, social and economic issues were discussed in the meeting. Considering the establishment of a public front a need of the hour to intervene in the public politics of the region, organizing citizens to resolve local problems, and to build up the struggle it was decided to form a public front named Peoples Revolutionary Front(PRF) and a founding organizing committee was announced.

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The organizing committee comprises of former president JKNSF Rashid Sheikh as the central organizer while former president JKNSF Abrar Latif was nominated as secretary general, the former chief organizer JKNSF Tanveer Anwar as finance secretary and former chairman JKNSF Rawalpindi branch Advocate Zahid Iqbal as central spokesperson,  with them Ejaz Niaz, Saeed Azam, Shahzad Ismail, Razak Khan and Yasir Irfan were nominated as members of the organizing committee. In order to finalize the organizing committee in overseas, former Central Secretary General JKNSF (currently based in USA) Naveed Latif was nominated as Central Organizer PRF Overseas and former Vice President JKNSF Ijaz Nakir as General Secretary PRF Overseas. It was decided to announce the other overseas officials and members of the organizing committee after the overseas meeting. It was decided in the meeting that the organizing committee will ensure the central convention by completing the PRF’s constitution and manifesto, establishment of district, tehsil and union council level committees and membership. The struggle will be organized for the recovery of public, economic, political and democratic rights in the region and beyond. In the meeting, it was decided to achieve democratic control of the region’s workers over the resources of the region, eliminate unemployment, establish free education and health facilities, equal representation of women at all levels of society, construction of basic infrastructure, free supply of electricity and gas, including better transport and provision of accommodation, the struggle for the right of self-determination for the workers of this region will be developed and to the ultimate goal of a socialist subcontinent.

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Central organizing committee of Peoples Revolutionary Front – PRF

The public meeting was followed by the protest against IMF dictated economic policies and for the release of political prisoners and the provision of free electricity.