Appeal in defense of the Amazon

From the Brazilian Amazon, the ISL, Luta Socialista and Alternativa Socialista organizations call for activities on September 4 and/or 5 in front of Brazilian embassies or consulates, demanding an end to the violence being perpetrated against environmental defenders who work in the Amazon. No more blood in the jungle!

On September 5, “Amazon Day” will be officially instituted in Brazil. This year will coincide with the three month anniversary of the murder of indigenous activist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips. At the last Pan-Amazonian Social Forum, held in Belém at the end of July/22, the collective Ecosocialist Struggle launched the proposal for an international campaign in defense of environmental activists in the Amazon.

It is necessary to demand from the Brazilian government (and state governments) concrete actions that lead to the protection of members of environmental agencies; of indigenous, quilombola and popular leaders; of rural workers; of human rights defenders; and of the other activists who work for environmental causes in the Amazon. It is necessary to reverse the dismantling of environmental surveillance agencies and demand a prompt investigation and the punishment of the murderers and instigators. To this end, we demand the urgent creation of an Independent Investigation Commission, made up of indigenous representatives, workers from control agencies, and environmentalists recognized by Brazilian and Amazonian society. We demand the immediate demarcation of all indigenous lands claimed by their peoples, as well as the strengthening of self-defense groups organized by indigenous peoples for the protection of their territories. And to oblige the companies and corporations that deforest and pollute, to carry out a socio-environmental repair of all the affected areas and communities.