Brazil: important victory at the Tarkett factory

The general assembly of Tarkett Brasil (Jacareí/São Paulo) began with a vote of solidarity with the workers in France who continue on strike and in repudiation of the employers of the multinational.
The struggle of the Tarkett Brazil workers, on the sixth day of the strike (12/19) achieved stability for more than 4 months, that is, until the end of April 2023 and, consequently, the dismissals were suspended.

In addition to this decisive victory, there were advances in the agenda: a bonus of R$ 500, a gift voucher of R$ 200 for each employee and each child, overtime pay at 85% and 130%, 30-day paid leave for workers victims of gender violence, among others. It should be noted that the Collective Agreement signed last month by the Union of Chemists of São José dos Campos and Region and by the Federation of Workers (FETQUIM) guarantees the replacement of inflation of 6.46%, as of 11/01, for all workers of the State of São Paulo. Another message was sent to the bosses, the harassment of the strikers or moral harassment by the bosses will not be accepted and, if new attacks appear, new strikes will also be organized.
The support of the unions in the region and international support were decisive for this victory. We will continue in the solidarity campaign until the victory of the Tarkett workers in France! Long live the struggle of the working class!