Peru: National insurgency and a government of the workers and the organizations in struggle. For a workers’ and peoples’ solution

By Movimiento Anticapitalista – Peru

The country is experiencing moments of a profound political, social, and economic crisis of values and principles, which the neoliberal groups and the traditional right-wing political sectors that represent them are absolutely incapable of solving. They only seek to preserve the pillars of the political regime and the capitalist economic model imposed on the Peruvian people.

  On Thursday, December 15, the population mobilized nationally to reject the coup Congress and the usurper government of Dina Boluarte, who resorted to repression with a balance of 28 deaths nationwide. With her mercenary and interventionist policy, this Saturday the 17th, Boluarte raided the offices of Nuevo Perú and the Peasant Confederation of Peru, deepening, as if that were possible, the anti-democratic measures typical of an illegitimate government.

The Police and the Armed Forces led by Manual Gómez de la Torre, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces are responsible for this massacre and demonstrate that Dina Baluarte can only be sustained with repression while all polls show that the government has a rejection of almost 90%, demanding that they all leave and the Congress be shut down.

This situation shows that we cannot continue patching up the Fujimorist constitution, the same one that has allowed the power of money to hijack democracy and justice. New elections for 2023 called by the old politicians and the traditional party are no guarantee of anything. The defenders of the 1993 Constitution have nothing to offer, only new frustrations. That is why the mobilization must impose a government of all the organizations in struggle, with the workers’ and peoples’ organizations.

We need a comprehensive change, to turn everything around. Sovereignty, justice, solidarity and true democracy can only be guaranteed by a government from below, of those who have never governed. The scale of the crisis and the discredit of the right-wing coup parties open up a new historic opportunity to change the country. From the mobilization and organization we can build the mass tool that becomes the expression of struggle and power of our people.

We will be firm in defending a program to break with the economic model and the prevailing political regime, advocating a new State, founded on new bases.

However, specific responses are also required for each situation, in this sense we affirm:

1) That the crisis in our country is inscribed in a more global crisis of capitalism and the relationship of neocolonial dependency with the great powers, over all the US, that seek to reduce us to being a primary exporting country without industry.

2) That the corruption scandals that Congress defends  in our country have shown the perverse association of big capital with the State and the courts that respond to it, deepening a truly chronic crisis of the regime that, on this occasion, was expressed through an unconstitutional coup.

3) The peoples’ and citizens’ mobilization and indignation will continue because it is a very deep social and political process that is gestating in rejection of everything old.

4) That, in the arduous and permanent path of the political organization of the Peruvian people, it is necessary to act permanently, with high values and revolutionary principles in all political scenarios and under any conjunctural circumstance, in the process of building a united front for the anti-capitalist struggle and the Government of the Workers and the People.

We reaffirm that it is time to change the rules of the game that favor a few and harm the vast majority. We need a new government that expresses the will of the young, the farmers, women, retirees, indigenous peoples, merchants and all sectors that struggle daily to move our country forward. There is no other possible way out of this crisis if it is not hand in hand with an anti-capitalist, socialist and revolutionary government from below, because once again, if we don’t organize ourselves to change EVERYTHING, nothing will change.