2nd Congress of the ISL: Resolution on Venezuela

1.- Given the importance of being able to thoroughly debate, learn and share the reality of what is happening in our country under the Maduro regime that tremendously affects the lives of millions of working families, we propose that the ISL leadership direct the realization of a forum or online event to present and exchange ideas about the Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan regimes, which will allow us to analyze in depth and arm ourselves politically as a whole to intervene in those countries and to challenge campism everywhere. For this event we commit to update the reality in Venezuela in written material.

2.- On the basis of this proposal, we would like to ask for the solidarity of the ISL on the following issues:

* To condemn and demand the lifting of the blockade and economic sanctions against Venezuela imposed unilaterally by the US government and its imperialist and pro-imperialist allies, since it fundamentally goes against the Venezuelan people and tramples on the sovereignty of the country.

* Rejection of the government’s policy of criminalizing the struggles of the working class, and the detention and deprivation of liberty of workers’ and popular activists.

* We oppose the usurpation of the legality of various left-wing political organizations.

* We denounce the violations of freedom of information and expression and particularly express our solidarity towards the Website aporrea.org of popular and alternative communication, which is the object of shut-downs and attacks.

* We denounce the progress of the political-religious alliance to the detriment of the rights of working women and women in general, as well as of the diverse sexual orientations.