We continue to reflect the participation of different delegations in the I LIS Pan-African Congress that is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mpongo Busiku, Zambia

Hi comrades, my name is Mpongo Busiku. I’m from Zambia, I’m from the Socialist Party, and I’m the coordinator for the Popular Library Zambia, which deals with promoting the reading culture and is currently working on getting books from donations. Coming to Kenya and participating in the program of the Pan-African Congress, which is to deal with socialism and building socialism, has been a great experience for me with the ISL. In the sense that it’s going to make a huge impact on myself and all my comrades back in my country, because when I go back it is my duty to teach and indeed mobilise towards the development of socialism and build socialism together. Thank you very much.

Sam Mwezezo, Congolese for Change

My name is Samuel. I’m representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our organisation is called Congolese Young Leaders. I’m a trustee. Congolese Young Leaders is a pro-democracy organisation that works to implement and advance sustainable development goals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Modern organisation, we are a movement that creates and inspires the next generation of leaders to be catalysts of change and prosperity in the world. We advocate for your human rights and inclusion. It’s a pleasure and honour to be here, thank you so much.

I salute the initiative of the ISL in Africa because we are going through a difficult time due to the instabilities that we are going through, and I also salute each member of the delegation that came and discussed, and I believe that with the resolution that we are going to have tomorrow, we will impact and change many of our communities and people around us. Thank you.

Nkomako Deogratias, African Footprints (Nyayo za mwafrika) Tanzania

My name is Nkomako Deogratias from Tanzania, I am presenting the Foundation African Footprints, which is currently in our language: Nyayo za mwafrika That means it is the socialist movement from Tanzania. We came here to this international movement in such a-league for gaining the knowledge about how now the other nations are practising the socialist movement. As Tanzania, we organise this through different groups from the small workers attending the agriculture activities. Therefore, we organise them into groups to reform how they can cultivate their lands together and find the market. We organise it together to educate our farmers not only on how they can increase their imprint on their productions, but also the market. Besides, myself, I am presenting the circulatory teachers who are guiding the students on their social groups, so they can get this knowledge of socialism before it is in progress. They can increase and capitalise on this program by joining the international movement to spread it to other nations. I take advantage of this opportunity today through a movement from different places to be able to acquire new knowledge and have an impact on nations and students. There were different contributions. They have expressed unique experiences of how they are a movement in the nation they walk. I enjoyed it very much, I hope to continue with the program and be able to gain more knowledge of this movement. Thank you so much.

Noremi Cogui – National Studentes Caucus – Kenia

My name is Moremi Cogui,  I’m from Kenya. I’m a student from The Technical University of Kenya, studying a bachelor of science in applied mathematics. I’m also an artist, and that’s how I came to be in this meeting. Likewise, I am a member of the Caucus organisation, which is a student led organisation,  a student placed organisation in Kenya that fights imperialism, the capitalist system, and advocates for socialism, through student leadership. So we are trying to build political education from the class roots, youth to adulthood. So today’s meeting was very insightful. Apart from meeting people from other countries, we got to know how things are in those countries. We noticed that this capitalist problem is not a problem like racism that affects a group of people, capitalism affects us as an entire while. Because you are either rich or poor. And the only people we would say are benefiting from the capitalist system are the wealthy, the rich, the imperialists. Therefore, what we discussed in this meeting is to bring down that imperialism. One of the ways of doing it is having a leadership that is socialist reoriented, where we have a socialist mindset, and also having organisations such as us, such as the ISL, and every other organisation that was present today to ensure that the socialist agenda moves forward, not just be mentioned. It’s pushed forward, standing their ground. Not just hold meetings and then nothing happens. We make sure that after the meetings, something happens and the socialist’s agenda is pushed. So today’s meeting was insightful, it was about all that, and yes, see you tomorrow.